Why Marvel Superhero Shows Be Popular Among Young Adults And Kids In The New Season

marvel superhero shows

Marvel Superheroes are big right now. It is no surprise why Marvel and Disney were able to get into the bandwagon by signing on with streaming service Netflix as both companies have recently launched numerous shows for Daredevil, Iron Fist, The Punisher, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. I am also very sure that there will be many more to come in the very near future. If you ask me, I would say that I am looking forward to seeing all the Marvel superhero shows that will be premiering in the future. So, what kind of Marvel shows are you talking about? Here is a list of some of the most buzzworthy Marvel Television shows that we can expect to debut in the not-so-short-term.

An Overview

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ABC is prepping a brand new series that is in the works called Inhumans. The series is based on the Marvel comics featuring the characters from the popular X-Men series. The story of Inhumans revolves around an altered timeline where the story begins with an epidemic that leaves several people with unique gifts. Several months later, mutant kind is on the rise and only a few, newly introduced characters are endowed with special powers. One of those characters is Medusa, who becomes the leader of a secretive group called the Inhumans.

What I am really getting at here is that there are probably more than a few chances for Marvel to launch more Marvel superhero series in the future. Especially after the amazing success of Agents of Shield and How I Met Your Mother, I think there is enough interest by fans of the ABC superhero shows to make another hit. Right now, though, ABC is focusing their efforts on a new family friendly program titled Finding Dory. The animated comedy series is based on the life of a fish who is trapped on an alien planet with her family. Yes, it will star Ellen DeGeneres as the mother and Bill Murray’s character Burt is the son.

Marvel Characters

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Two of my favorite Marvel heroes are Iron Man and Spiderman, so if I’m going to choose a show to watch, then I would probably choose one of those. However, there is one show that has been around for a while and is still very popular, Inhumans. This show, which started as a small independent film starring Tom Hanks, Samuel L. Jackson, and Elizabeth Banks, has quickly become one of the best selling TV shows on television. And no, I’m not talking about the real Inhumans. The show was actually developed by the studio who created the X-Men comic book franchise and is now one of the most successful live action comic book superhero shows of all time.

What makes Inhumans so great is the fact that it taps into the base of what makes superhero entertainment great. It takes the most important elements from other genres and combines them into a TV show that is not only fun to watch, but it makes for great commercial opportunities as well. Consider the fact that the lead character is a powerful being that is almost human in form. This creates an opportunity for the writers to include elements that many other animated superhero shows would never be able to do. For example, they could include some romance between the main characters and also include some bizarre but entertaining fights and adventures.

Some Interesting Things To Consider

One of the most interesting things that Inhumans is doing that no other animated superhero show is doing right now is tapping into the nostalgic aspect of their comic books for their lead character. Yes, Black Bolt is a character that appeared in the original Captain America comics, and in the second and third series of the series, he has formed an incredible bond with the current head of S.H.I.T. While many fans of the original comic books may not care, Inhumans shows that Inhumans is going to be more entertaining and successful than most of the superheroes that have come before because of this nostalgia factor. With an emphasis on family and connection, Inhumans is placing its fan base back in the middle of their childhood. It is a fantastic concept that could really resonate with a lot of older viewers and bring them back for another season of adventures with their favorite characters.

Another thing that Inhumans is doing differently compared to most other animated superhero shows is including some classic stories and characters. For example, the second season has introduced the story of Medusa and allowed fans to enjoy her costume even more than they did when she appeared in the first season. Additionally, The Kree warrior faction was introduced in the second season with Maximus’ son Alkizel. This allows Inhumans to expand their fan base by including characters that previous generations would not have been able to enjoy.


These are only a few reasons why Inhumans is becoming so popular among both old and new viewers. However, it is safe to say that if this season doesn’t get picked up by a network soon, it will likely not see any more episodes beyond the two already produced. If you are a Marvel fan, you owe it to yourself to see what all of the excitement is about because it just got better!

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