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For many fans, Marvel Comics first introduced the concept of superheroes when they created the Fantastic Four comic book in 1960. The comic soon became a huge hit and set the stage for decades of amazing characters. The early comic books were very small in comparison to what we have today, but that does not mean they are not an excellent source of information. In fact, any fan of Marvel Comics should seek out the first comic book issues for great classic stories.


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Many comic book stories have come and gone, but there are some that stand the test of time and have remained classics. One of these firsts was the introduction of the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Universe. These four men were the last living members of the Avengers and took up residence in the city-state of New Midway. When they began appearing regularly in comics, many readers became entranced by their unique features and adventures.

Many first issues of the Fantastic Four featured the character of Doctor Doom, who had the uncanny ability to warp reality. This gave him the idea that he could use these abilities to conquer the world. He used this knowledge to conquer most of reality, which led to many battles across the world in the early days of Fantastic Four comics.

Interesting Members

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One of the first members of this team was Invisible Woman. She had the power to stretch reality and put objects in another dimension. She often travelled with the Fantastic Four while battling villains. Other members included The Wasp, Rogue, and The Humanoids.

Incredible Hulk was created by writer Edmond Hamilton and illustrated by Stan Lee. The first story was “Giant Size Hulk.” This series chronicled the first meeting between this huge green monster and the Avengers. The Incredible Hulk made his comic book debut in “Ultron Unlimited” where he was returned to normal thanks to the arrival of the Avengers.

Another first comic book series featuring superheroes was written and illustrated by Greg Pak. This series was called “The Fantastic Four: The Incredible Hulk” and introduced the characteroids of The Avengers along with The Fantastic Four. While the Fantastic Four didn’t get as much exposure as other superheroes, they still managed to form an all-star team in the popular animated television series.

Top Comic Book

One of the most important early comic book storylines was written and illustrated by Bill Finger and was called “The Comics of Rage.” This series was written as a response to the urban street violence of the time and featured a variety of superheroes. Two of the more prominent characters were Batman and Robin. The series was incredibly popular and is one of the best-selling comic books of all time. Other early superheroes included Wonder Woman, The Phantom, and Superman. These four creations formed the basis for many of today’s greatest superheroes.

When it comes to finding your first Marvel Comics first comic book, there are many options. Some of your favorites might already be on the shelves at stores, or you can simply keep an eye out for issues that you think are great and purchase them new. Keep an eye on newsstands, movie stores, and online retailers to see what new titles are coming out and when. You never know, you might stumble upon a true treasure box of Marvel Comics firsts or at the very least a bunch of hot new comics to start your collection! You might just surprise yourself!

Old Issues Are Best

Another great option is to go back to your earliest Marvel Comics reading days. Go to your favorite comic store, or simply head down to your local library. You’ll likely find older issues, or even issues that are rarer than new ones. You might find an old issue that you hadn’t seen in decades, or an old backup comic that you never got around to collecting. If you don’t have any of these options, look for older comic book collections in used book bins at flea markets, garage sales, or swap meets. You never know, you might find something incredible.

A few other great ways to start collecting your first comic book are to start a shelf for all of your favorite superheroes at home, or at least a corner or two in your living room. You can either get small bookcases that hold only a few issues, or you can invest in larger, more expansive bookcases that are suited to hold a good handful of comic books. Another option for storage is to use chest-high shelves, which are usually meant for holding magazines, and can fit several first issues on top. Other great places to store your Marvel Comics First Issue are behind glass cabinets, or in display cabinets, so they stay pristine, and out of the way of kids and pets. And finally, if you don’t have a lot of room in your home, why not look for a storage box to house your first issues?


There are tons of great places to start collecting your first comics, and there’s no limit to how many you can buy. So dig right in and get your first comics, and start reading them! I can guarantee that you’ll love them, and when you do you’ll be glad you started collecting them as early as possible. Whether you’re into Spiderman X-Men, or any other kind of superhero, you can’t go wrong with learning about your first comic book hero!

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