What Is Legion Of Superheroes? Let’s Find Out

What Is Legion Of Superheroes? Let’s Find Out

Legion of superheroes is a fictional group of superheroes released under DC Comics. This is a wonderful work of Otto Binder along with the artwork of Al Pastino. The timeline is between 30th to 31st century and they appear first in Adventure comics which was in the year 1958.

What Is Legion Of Superheroes? Let’s Find Out
What Is Legion Of Superheroes? Let’s Find Out

Legion Of Superheroes: An Introduction To The Whole Chapter

The first few series showed a close association from Superboy (originally Superman as a teenager). This portrayed a team of time travelers. However, the latter part of the backdrop released their origin and stories regarding the legion. Additionally, this gifted the characters with their comic book ultimately. The later portions removed Superboy from the team. He appeared as a guest in the hindmost part of the series.

The whole legion, however, passed two significant reboots in the entire timeline of the series. The original version got replaced with the new one. This showcased the events from ‘Zero Hour’ stories that came out in 1994.

Additionally, one more rebooted team was introduced to the audience in 2004. However, the fourth version of the legion was an almost copy of the first version. They came into being in 2007. And by 2019, DC declared another series written by Brian Michael Bendis where the artwork was executed by Ryan Sook.

Let’s Move On With The Publication History

The Adventure Comic brought Superboy as a featured icon in 1950. The series that came out in 1958, where Superboy came across three teenagers who belonged from the 30th century. Cosmic Boy,  Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl was the one who intervened the present with Superboy. Those were the members of the superhero club latter came into being as ‘Legions Of Superheros.’

Superboy was the inspiration behind the formation of this league. Therefore, these three of them traveled across time to hire Superboy. They carried down a number testes, and Superboy won all. Thus, he got the award to return to his own timeline.

The actual intention behind this introduction was to sidetrack the storyline and feature Superboy. However, the audience appreciated their venture to the comic world. Thus, the writers once again worked on the legion and returned them as an encore in 1959.

List Of Characters In Legions Of Superheros

The first characters that were Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, and Saturn Girl. All the versions of the series came out with superheroes in their teenage working as a team from different planets. Some other versions of the series broadcast the team with overloaded team members having different subgroups namely ‘Legion Of Substitute Heroes.’

The Silver Age: Top Ten Characters In Silver Age Team

  1. Triplicate Girl
  2. Phantom Girl
  3. Superboy
  4. Chameleon Boy
  5. Colossal Boy
  6. Invisible Kid
  7. Kid Quantum
  8. Star Boy
  9. Brainiac 5
  10. Super Girl

The Bronze Age: To Ten Characters From Bronze Age

  1. Wildfire
  2. Tyroc
  3. Dawnstar
  4. Blok
  5. Invisible Kid II
  6. White Witch
  7. Magnetic Kid
  8. Polar Boy
  9. Quislet
  10. Tellus
What Is Legion Of Superheroes? Let’s Find Out
What Is Legion Of Superheroes? Let’s Find Out


Well, DC comics come loaded with plots, subplots, main characters, side characters. Therefore, talking about each of the sections of the Legions of the superheroes in this article is next to impossible. However, I jotted down the essential parts of the portion to let you have a vivid idea about the group. To know more, you can check the characterization in detail.

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