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Understanding the Modern Age of DC Comics

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The era of the DC comics Batman may be coming to a close but we know that there will be plenty more amazing Batman adventures to come. The end of “The Dark Knight,” the latest Batman movie, left fans of Batman unsure about what direction they were going to take the character. However, it was a well-received movie and many are happy to know that Batman is still alive and kicking in the world of comics. And if you are one of those people that are a fan of Batman as well as a DC comic fan then you should know that there are plenty of opportunities available for you to continue your love of Batman in comics.

In some continuity of DC comics, the character known as Batman is not actually a billionaire. In the popular Batman stories that have taken place over the past decades, including the recent “End of Metropolis” storyline, he is known only as a billionaire who owns the Wayne Enterprises company. But as time has progressed, and the character’s powers of recovery have increased, he has been given his own unique identity in the world of comics. As such, in some continuities we see that Bruce Wayne has undergone multiple identities in order to deal with situations around him. The different identities that we see in this world of Batman can even be traced back to when he was still known as Wayne Enterprises CEO, Alfred and later as the dark vigilante Batman.

An Overview

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In recent times, the character of Superman has had a resurgence in popularity. In fact, the latest “Man of Steel” movie has made Superman one of the most popular characters from DC comics. After all, Superman has been one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. What this means for fans of Superman is that there will be a lot more opportunities to enjoy incredible storylines and amazing artwork from DC Comics in the future. The more successful the character of Superman becomes, the more likely that other storylines featuring this super hero will become successful as well. That means that any fan who is a DC comic book reader can be guaranteed that they will not be disappointed by what happens next in the world of Superman.

The origins of the Superman of today are a bit different than those of previous decades. There was a time when Superman lived in Kansas and dealt with both his cousin and an evil corporation, although no one was quite sure how or why. However, after discovering the truth, Superman went on to save the world time and again. One of the most intriguing elements of Superman is that he was, in one way or another, a very bad boy. Many fans theorize that Superman was simply trying to make it through life, and perhaps he was the catalyst that caused the destruction of Metropolis when the Earth was threatened by Apokolips.

Understanding Modern Age Of DC Comics

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The modern Superman of today is not so much a billionaire as he is a billionaire, though he is still just as good at giving others hope and motivation. The dark knight of the DC comics is almost single handedly responsible for many of the characters we know and love today. He is also responsible for keeping humanity alive and well in the world, giving them hope as they go about their days. Many writers have described Superman as a sort of “cosmonaut” – he’s an astoundingly powerful being who has the power to change the course of history. Whether you agree with this description or not is up to you, but the fact remains that Superman remains one of the most beloved and iconic comic book heroes in the world.

Since Superman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, many different versions of the Superman stories have been told. While some telltale signs of the Superman effect have been preserved, other versions have been altered slightly. These differences may be as simple as a difference in the time of day superheroes report in or a change in the Superman costume that makes the character seem more realistic. No matter what your opinion, there is a great deal of appeal to the modern Superman that has lasted over the years. You can find many different Superman comics that feature the character, and if you prefer the classic comics you’ll probably enjoy the newer, modern takes on some of these stories.

There are literally thousands of different versions of Superman in existence, and while you may think any of them are unique, they actually are very similar. All of the modern Superman stories feature the original hero, and many times you will even see a variation of the character that isn’t very different at all. The Superman stories have a steady source of inspiration from other classic comics, and many of these have been adapted into modern day Superman comics. Some of the most famous versions of Superman are the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel.

In The End

No matter which Superman story you like, chances are it will involve the alter ego of Clark Kent, and you’ll likely have a favorite Superman villain. Smallville is another great example, as Superman is often faced off against the evil corporation Lexcorp, run by his own mother, Martha. There are also many other comic book villains to choose from when dealing with Superman in the modern era, and you can probably find a character that fits the bill whether he’s the original Superman or not.

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