Top Ten DC Comic Book Superheros

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The majority of these figures are designed for children and adults and are extremely durable, with articulated limbs and interchangeable facial expressions. There are a few parents and older children’s versions available as well. All of the standard DC Universe figures are sold separately.

The Justice League Unlimited line of DC Universe superheroes are: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Robin, Superman Lord Superman, The Martian Hunter, and The Queen of Hearts. These heroes were established as part of the main DC Universe continuity during the late 1970’s television show, The New Batman Adventures, which was based on the old Batman comics. Since then, several storylines have been developed in both the main Batman comic and the TV series, most notably the Dark Knight and Dark Island.

The Justice League

The Justice League comics continue to feature some of the best DC Universe characters. The most recent additions to the main comic line are The Dark Knight Rises, written by Tom Hardy and directed by Tim Burton. In this film, Batman must defeat the villain Bane, who has taken over the city of Gotham and transformed it into a dark, evil world in order to eliminate all of the superheroes. Check out the latest look at the Justice League by checking out the gallery below!

One of the most widely known DC Comics superheros is Superman, one of the most well known of all superheroes. Superman, unlike many of his comic book Counterparts, does not actually fly in most versions of the character. Instead, he operates from the ground and can reach incredible speeds, which helps him avoid many of the obstacles that other superheros have to overcome in the comics. In the world war ii storyline, Superman is severely injured during an explosion, which prompts him to undergo a Lazarus chamber and hibernation for nearly three years. Afterwards, Superman returns to the real world to battle against the evil villain, while the superheroes of the DC Universe continue to battle each other on the silver screen and in the pages of their comic books.

Harley Quinn And The Joker

Two of the most prolific villains of all time are Harley Quinn and The Joker. In the early years of the Batman franchise, both Harley and The Joker were featured in their own series of comic book stories. While neither character is actually shown to have any superhuman powers, both of them are terrifyingly powerful in a number of different ways. In fact, both characters have appeared in multiple titles over the course of the Dark Knight’s twelve year run. It was not until the latest Dark Knight movie that we saw a resurgence of interest in both characters, as they gained popularity as the antagonists in the new movie.

Another popular DC comic book supervillain is Wonder Woman. As far as women characters go, Wonder Woman has had one of the longest-running relationships in comics with her comic book love interest, Wonder Woman. She has also changed through time and has gone through a number of changes, most notably the loss of her original Amazonian identity and her appearance in the New 52. In the New 52, Wonder Woman is still the original Amazon princess and she still possesses her magical powers. 


In fact, she is so powerful, she has become the love interest for The Question, who has been posing as her forever since the death of her parents. Wonder Woman is perhaps one of the most iconic and well known of all the DC comic book superheros, and her appeal has kept her around for decades.

Of course, there are a few lesser-known DC superheroes who make up the top ten. Aquaman is probably my personal favorite, as he seems to be a more humanized version of the Sea Lord, an ancient king of the ocean. He also happens to be one of the most powerful superheroes of all time, and has a wide variety of comic book storylines leading up to his modern day adventures. There is also Swamp Thing, who may not be evil, depending on how you interpret things, but is certainly strange and definitely weird.


One of the strangest but most compelling DC comic book superheroes is Superheroes: Earth’s Most Wanted. This long-running series features a number of strange characters who are thrown into a post-apocalyptic world and are tasked with protecting the earth from attack. The interesting thing about this group of superheroes is that each member of the group has their own specialty. There is Green Lantern, who is an expert of repairing damage; Static, a powerful weather-man; Aquaman, who is an ocean explorer who is a founding member of the team; and Ice, who was an FBI agent before becoming a superhero. While this group is a bit slow in development, it is an excellent example of how you can weave your favourite DC characters into a complete cosmic story.

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