Top Five Superman Movies Of All Time

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Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes ever created. He’s also one of the most expensive, which makes him some of the most pricey films in town. And many fans have long dreamed of seeing their favorite Superman films on the big screen. If you’re one of those fans, the question on your mind should be “What do I get for my money when I go to the movies?”

Superman Movies Have A Piece Of The Action And Experience The Thrills

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There are three very different types of Superman movies. All of them have their own unique style and story to tell, but they are all grounded in the same concept. These are origin stories set a few decades after the Death of Superman. They’re also all directed by some of the most exciting filmmakers in Hollywood today, like Henry Donner, Guy Ritchie, and Christopher Nolan.

Most of the origin story movies (like the original comics) are pretty straightforward. There is a small dark knight, who rises to greatness, and he does it while battling evil henchmen. These and all other Superman movies are widely spread across many different streaming services for purchase, rental, or streaming with an HD subscription. Have a piece of the action and experience the thrills of every origin tale this summer with DC’s cinematic universe starting with the henchman hackman.

Super Hero High

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Another popular superhero movie with Tom Hanks and Anne Hathaway is Super Hero High. This takes the entire concept of the comic book superhero and gives it a much more dramatic, action-filled tone. Henry Cavill returns as the titular hero, and this time he is out to save the world. With the help of his friend, Wonder Woman, he gets to battle villains from the supernatural realm, as well as those from the normal realm, such as supervising villains.

One of the most recent superhero movies that has been receiving great reviews is the sleeper hit Man Of Steel. Starring in this film are Henry Cavill again as the son of Superman, and Anne Hathaway as Wonder Woman. The chemistry between the two is like nothing else you will see on the screen. With the help of Christopher Walken’s score, this film easily captures the attention of audiences young and old.

The Forthcoming Superman Returns

The original Superman movie anyone needs to see is the forthcoming Superman Returns, directed by Christopher Nolan. Though the movie was almost a decade ago when it was first released, it is finally making its way into theaters around the world. Though not as successful as the previous incarnations, it did introduce the character of Superman to a whole new generation of fans, including those who had never heard of him before. No less than Henry Cavill returns to play the role of Superman, while the role of Superman Returns includes the return of many beloved characters from previous movies, as well as a host of new ones.

One other film that recently came out on DVD is Batman: The Dark Knight. Though it does not contain any of the unique visual features that the previous Dark Knight films had, The Dark Knight does nevertheless still deliver a great deal of intense action and drama. The late Heath Ledger playing the Joker definitely makes this movie one to watch with the whole family. The Dark Knight is also just as gritty and compelling as any other Superman film, especially when you take into account all the amazing special effects. No doubt, The Dark Knight will go down as one of the best Superman films of all time.

Last Words

As we have seen, Superman movies have come a long way since their original run. Today, you can choose from a wide variety of different films, each one featuring their own unique style. There are also more modern versions of Superman movies, including Man of Steel and Flash. What do you have to lose? Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a Superman movie!

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