Top 3 DC Comics Superhero Encyclopedia You Must Read - Top 3 DC Comics Superhero Encyclopedia You Must Read -

Top 3 DC Comics Superhero Encyclopedia You Must Read

dc comics superhero encyclopedia

The DC world of Marvel is huge and has a massive fan following that has come through generations now just like Star Wars. The whole Universe of DC started when the first few superhero comics came into being. Superheroes like Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Captain America, Superman, Batman, etc always had millions of fans that waited eagerly for their films to release. One can spot merchandise, posters, and action figures in a DC fan’s house. Since you are new to this new world, having an encyclopedia will act as a guide in your exploration and understanding of DC.

DC Comics Superhero Encyclopedia: Ultimate Character Guide


As the title of the book suggests, this encyclopedia is a dictionary that will give you an understanding of the unlimited characters that the movies have. It talks about their origin, history, and background to help you understand the character better. This is a hardcover book and is a great gifting option to your little one if she/he is a DC fan. The book has about two hundred characters written to be specific and is a great asset for anyone who is a hardcore fan of the Marvel Universe.

DC Comics Superhero Encyclopedia: Ultimate Sticker Collection

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This encyclopedia is a great source of entertainment and knowledge for the younger audience of DC. The stickers available are superb and will be loved by both children and adults. It has stickers of all the characters and is also a great gifting option on Birthdays and special occasions. This encyclopedia is available in a paperback format which also makes it less on the price scale. Written in the English language this comic book cum encyclopedia has over one thousand stickers for you. So go grab your copy now.

DC Comics Superhero Encyclopedia: Marvel New Edition

Let your child marvel at the new world of Marvel that this new edition of the encyclopedia has. It describes over twelve hundred characters that the DC world has seen and will explode you with all the details. Right from the time of X-Men, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Civil War, this encyclopedia is a great book to begin your reading and understanding of the world. It has both the heroes as well as villains like the Kingpin, Loki, Galactus, and Thanos with their background and history updated.

This encyclopedia is a treasure trove of the Marvel World and is a must-have if you are a DC fan. Besides, if your child or friend is a fanatic of superheroes, this is a great gifting option too.


In the end, there are many comic books and movies out there for people to watch and get engaged in the world of Superheroes. But the best treasure is to have an encyclopedia that has details of all the characters and their stories. This way you will have hands-on knowledge and understanding of the movies.

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