The Popularity Behind Dc Comics Heroines -

The Popularity Behind Dc Comics Heroines

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Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman are the bestselling new heroines to hit the comics in years. What makes these new heroines exciting to read is that they each have their own “why” they fight crime.

The new Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, has just returned from an extended stay in heaven after saving the city of Gotham from a madman. She has been hailed as the new face of crime prevention thanks to her new costume that has been fashioned after the world’s most famous detective, Batman. With her background as a forensic science expert, her ability to quickly analyze and memorize is her most valuable tool in keeping the streets of Gotham safe. Batman, on the other hand, is a gung-ho detective with a penchant for catching criminals, rather than sending them directly to the authorities. This is where the new heroines of DC comics come in.

The Fight Against Supervillains And Villains

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The dynamic duo of Batman and Batwoman have been dating for over thirty years, when they first meet in the first issue of this comic book. In fact, they are so familiar with each other that they easily know when the other is about to blurt out a little secret. Both of these dynamic heroes are at the forefront of the fight against supervillains and villains and have a number of memorable adventures throughout the course of the entire book.

But what really makes Supergirl and Batgirl different from any other comic book heroes? Well, the first thing that is different is their relationship. Unlike any other comic book love interest, these two characters are romantic partners who will do anything for one another. When the two finally come into contact at a dance party, they spend the rest of the evening dancing away under the stars. When the gang of muggers that attacks Barbara Gordon tries to rob her, she is effortlessly saved by Supergirl. And just when you think that the villain is defeated, he teleports himself away as well, leaving Barbara Gordon a little worried and confused.

The Portrayal Of Teenage Girls


The relationship between the two superheros is one of the most romantic in all of comics. And just like a true relationship, the camaraderie and support that they give each other make them even better friends than they already are. The two girls team up and become the perfect unit, fighting crime without ever fighting each other. There is something very emotional about these girls and it has been a long time since we’ve seen two young lovers getting into a fight before. It’s a bit overdue too.

Another great thing about these comics is the portrayal of teenage girls. Yes, DC has always had strong female characters, but now they are stronger and more capable than ever before. One of the latest villains introduced, Parasite, is a woman obsessed with making her boyfriend’s head explode with every look she gives him. This intense woman has a plan for every situation and she plans to kill the heroines of DC comics soon.


If you are a DC Comics fan then this book will be something you absolutely must read. With everything that has been said about this new direction the characters are moving in, it is easy to see why this book is so beloved. No doubt we will continue to see great storylines and amazing artwork. DC has done an amazing job of creating some new characters and stories. These additions make this comic even more fun to read. There are plenty of fan favorites too, like Supergirl, Bat Girl and several others. If you love comic books then you will love this one. It’s definitely worth the read.

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