The Most Influential Female Superhero Comic Books

The Most Influential Female Superhero Comic Books

The world of superheroes has long ceased to be male-dominated. Female superheroes have gained their position by their right. Indeed, their popularity has rocketed to the level of the male superheroes. Female superheroes have traveled a long way in comics, becoming iconic and influential for us. There are several female superheroes in comics possessing superb strength and acrobatic qualities. Here, we shall look at a few of the most influential female superhero comic books that have enthralled us repeatedly.

Female Superhero Comic Books – The Scintillating Supergirl

A list of female superheroes cannot start without the mention of Supergirl. Superwoman is the name attributed to several female superheroes from DC Comics with qualities like Supergirl. She is one of the last Kryptonians, and a cousin of Superman. She reveals her superhero powers and becomes the protector of National City. Over the years, the appearance and identity of Supergirl have changed shape. But, what remains intact are her powers that make her so unique. She has all the powers you expect a male superhero to have. CW came out with a special show dedicated to this female superhero.   

Wonder Woman Is Always An Inspiration 

Wonderwoman is a fictional superhero by DC Comics who appears in a series of comics. Her first appearance happened in 1941 in All Star Comics #8. Wonder Woman featured for the first time in Sensation Comics #1 the next year. Wonder Woman is crafted alone by her mother Hippolyta and is vested with superhuman powers by the Greek gods. She is the founder of the Justice League and one of the most influential women superheroes we find in comics.

This particular character was the brainchild of American psychologist William Moulton Marston along with artist Harry Peter. He derived inspiration from feminists of the time, such as Margaret Sanger. The story of the character has changed course very often throughout these years. However, her unchanged athletic look and fearless persona remain genuinely mesmerizing. Her stories had her fighting the villain during the Second World War, and monsters in later editions. She also breaks the myth of “damsel in distress” by freeing herself from bondage very often. No wonder we salute her undying spirit without a doubt. 

The Most Influential Female Superhero Comic Books
The Most Influential Female Superhero Comic Books

Female Superhero Comic Books – Ms. Marvel Is Awe-Inspiring

Marvel Comics created this fantastic female superhero. Several characters have played the role of Ms. Marvel over the years. Initially, the character was just a counterpart of Captain Marvel. There are four series in total, two having Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel, and the other two have Kamala Khan. Carol Danvers became Ms. Marvel in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 in 1968. She was characterized as an officer in the US Air Force. Due to an explosion with Kree Superhero Captain Marvel, Danvers takes on the superpowers. The explosion changes her DNA and gives her similar powers as Captain Marvel. She also takes on the mantle of Captain Marvel later on. 

In 2013, Kamala Khan featured in the Captain Marvel #17 edition as the newest Ms. Marvel. She even has her own comic series, which came out in 2014. This is a woman of substance fighting against evils as a superhero, and we do find her awe-inspiring. 


Kate Kane, better known as Batwoman, is the next female superhero who comes across as an influential fictional personality. She is a strong-willed woman of steel who knows how to have her way. She believes in herself and her strength and achieves everything by her right. Inspired by Batman, this DC Comics female superhero uses her wealth to fight against crimes as a vigilante. The modern Batwoman is a symbol of emancipation. 

The Most Influential Female Superhero Comic Books
The Most Influential Female Superhero Comic Books

Female Superhero Comic Books –Black Widow

Finally, the last one on our list is the no-nonsense Black Widow by Marvel Comics. She is the inspiration for several new generation female superheroes. The deadly beauty amasses immense strength through rigorous training. With her massive strength, she features as a deadly assassin and inspires many women in the way. The character appears in a series of comic books by Marvel, such as Tales of Suspense #52 and Inhuman #5. She is also a significant part of the Marvel superhero teams like The Avengers. 

There are several feisty women superheroes in the world of comic books. These were the most influential ones who will forever remain unforgettable for comic lovers. 

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