The DC Comic Characters You Can Not Miss

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Generate random DC Comics characters. DC Comics is an American comic book publishing company. The company has produced various comic series, including the popular Batman series. The company also produces some of the most popular television and DVD movies of all time.

A New Superhero Coming – The Flash

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DC Comics has a wide variety of characters to choose from for any kind of story. If you want to make a superhero, they have the perfect super heroes for that. If you want something more serious, you can go with a Justice League title, or a Green Lantern comic. In the new series of DC comics, there is a new superhero coming, The Flash. I love this new comic because it doesn’t take anything away from the original Batman/ Robin/Martian/Green Lantern series.

There are so many DC Comic characters that you can choose from. Every single one of them is huge in the world of comics. In fact, there are more DC Comic characters out today than there are characters in all the rest of publishing. This is not a bad thing. More characters per volume means more money in the company’s pocket.

Now you can pick and choose your favorite characters to get started with. You can get started with any one that interests you. There are some DC Comic characters, that if you start reading about them, you will quickly discover that they are way too complex to understand right off the bat. They are so much more than what they seem. You have to really dive into the comic to understand what is going on.

The Dark Knight – DC Comic Characters

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Once you know which character you want to get started with, start looking for DC comic books with that particular character. There are plenty of books out there specifically written for that character. Most bookstores carry them, and you can even buy them online. If you can’t find the book you want at your local store, or online, the most likely chance you have of finding it is at a comiXology site.

For those of us who start out thinking we don’t like any DC Comic characters, DC Comics has created many different versions of the most famous characters. You may be familiar with some of them. Like, you probably know Batman. There have been other versions of the character such as Robin and Batgirl.

The most recent version of this character was the Dark Knight. If you have never read any of the older Batman comics, the newest Dark Knight is probably the easiest to read and follow. There are all the old Batman stories you have ever heard of, plus new ones. Some of the most exciting and thought provoking include stories that take place after the Dark Knight begins.

The Phantomknight

Even though many DC comics characters die in the line of battle, they do not always die instantly. Sometimes they are sent to the afterlife. For example, when The Phantom Girl was killed in the Death of the Phrenos character, she was sent to an alternate dimension where she met The Phantomknight. When the original Phantom girl returns to Earth, she teams up again with The Phantomknight and becomes a new hero in her own right.

Other DC comics characters, like the above mentioned The Phantomknight, also have their own individual titles. For example, if you liked The Phantomknight, you can read that character’s story in his own title. There are even some that are featured in multiple titles. In some cases, there is more than one. For example, there are The Aquaman, The Flash, The Green Lantern, and others that have their own ongoing series.

There is no shortage of entertainment out there for all ages. Whether you like action, romance, comedy or sci-fi, you will be able to find a comic that is perfect for you. The trick is finding the one that is right for you.

Summing Up

DC comic books are some of the most entertaining you will ever come across. There is a wide variety of them that can keep you interested from start to finish. Find your favorite one today! It’s easy, just go to your favorite search engine and type in “DC comics characters”.

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