The Avengers: Story Explained Chronologically -

The Avengers: Story Explained Chronologically

If you are new to Marvel and just heard the name of Avengers, you might not be the only one. Though Marvel has given many great individual pictures, Avengers is its best bet. If you wish to watch Avengers only then, you need to follow the avenger movies in order. There are four sequels to Avengers. You can watch one-by-one without hurrying. In this article, you will know about a basic plot of all the avenger movies in order.

1. Avengers (2012)

Tony Stark brought a plan known as Avengers Initiative, which we saw in post-credit scenes of The Incredible Hulk. Nick Fury uses the Tesseract to see the power, and Loki manages to seize it. Fury calls in the Avengers for help. Captain America, who woke up after 66 years, was ready to fight again. Iron Man and Black Widow came in to help. Romanoff was sent to bring in Bruce Banner. Thor came in flying to take Loki but eventually stays to find Tesseract. The movie gets into a big fight in the climax. However, this movie is going to force you to watch the individual origins of all the characters.

Brief Plot Explanation Of The Avenger Movies In Order
Brief Plot Explanation Of The Avenger Movies In Order

2. Avengers Age Of Ultron (2015) – Plot Explanation of Avenger Movies In Order

The sequel to Avengers begins with an intense fight to capture the stolen scepter of Loki. This movie gave an introduction to Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver. Ultron hates Tony Stark for controlling him and escapes through the internet and creates all the mess. The wand had mind stone in it which was later given for making Vision. Scarlett witch plays with Hulk’s mind, and you will get to see the Hulk buster very soon in the scene. The climax goes on with a big fight in Sokovia and ends with destroying half of it.

3. Avengers Infinity War (2018)

Avengers broke after Civil War. Tony and Steve, the leaders of the Avengers, were not on talking terms. The movie starts with Thanos dominating Thor and almost killing him. Hulk gets beaten up and sent to Earth to inform the Avengers. Thanos sends his allies to get the infinity stones and Tony, Doctor Strange, Bruce and Wong faced them. While defeating Thanos’s allies, Tony makes a plan to attack Thanos on his turf. The plan fails, and they lose another stone. Thanos comes to Earth to get the final stone. Thor gave a final blow to him, but he snaps.

4. Avengers End Game (2019) – Plot Explanation of Avenger Movies In Order

Brief Plot Explanation Of The Avenger Movies In Order
Brief Plot Explanation Of The Avenger Movies In Order

The End Game had it all. When you complete avenger movies in order, this part is the farewell to some beloved characters. Avengers are sad because they lose. Tony is rescued from space by Captain Marvel. They all agree on making a plan to time travel and save the people. In the process, Thanos of the past comes to the future to get what he wants. Avengers took the head on fight, and Captain proves his worthiness and gives a great blow to Thanos. There is a sad demise of Iron Man after the Thanos-killing Snap.

The Avenger movies have a lot in them, and you can never get enough of it. A true Marvel fan can watch the film over and over. If you are willing to watch the avenger movies in order, then collect all the movies of MCU, which are amazing and funny. Soon after Avengers, you will crave to know what happens before Avengers.

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