Superman’s Weaknesses And Power

Superman is one of the top 10 strongest superheroes. Our childhood has been full of stories, comics, and movies about Superman. But this amazing superhero has some weaknesses and some strengths. Let us read everything you need to know about superman.

Superman – Weaknesses And Strengths

Sun is the Secret to his energy

Superman relies on the sun on his energy. We all know that Sun is vital to all life forms on the Earth. But for superman, the sun is the utmost necessity. He gets his powers from the time spent under the rays of the sun. If the access to the sun’s rays is cut off, his powers get reduced and he can easily lose battles.

Red can kill Superman dead

While the yellow sunlight gives him powers, the red sun has the very opposite effect on him. It weakens him a lot. Superman’s home planet Krypton relies on light from the Red Sun. But since Superman spends most of his time on the Earth, it now has become vulnerable to the red light from the Red Sun. This weakness of Superman has been exploited several times by villains and they engage him in a battle using Red Light.


Lead is very harmful to superman as it blocks Kryptonite radiation. This is Superman’s greatest weakness. If Superman uses lead to protect himself from Kryptonite, he blinds his vision. This is because his X-Ray vision cannot enter point. His enemies often use lead to concealing things from Superman. Once his enemies make him visually impaired using lead, he becomes vulnerable in battles.

Psionic Attacks

Superman’s mind can be easily exploited, even though he has immense strength. Many times, villains have used this tactic to brainwash him and get evil things done by him. He is vulnerable to telekinetic attacks and psychic information too. This is the only reason Batman always carries precautions when fighting along with Superman, to protect and stop him. Although over the years, he has trained his mind to resist psychic attacks that may harm everyone including him, he still gets defenseless against telekinetic attacks. These can harm him at a molecular level.


Superman has gained all his powers because of a natural phenomenon. He has no defenses against any kind of magic and is just as vulnerable as any other ordinary person. DC comics has put Superman in problematic and dangerous situations many times, especially when he is facing semi-divine beings. This also means that magic weapons can harm superman.

This was a list of all the strengths and weaknesses of Superman. The character has been written in such a way that humans and especially children can be related to him. If they created a character with no weaknesses, then there would be no storyline or no thrill in watching or reading its stories. With these weaknesses, we can relate to us, humans, too, who have some or other weaknesses. Such strengths and weaknesses help them create great stories full of an adrenaline rush, fun, adventure, thrill, and enjoyment.

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