A Guide To Superheroes

Superheroes make our lives exciting. The first superhero was introduced into our lives in 1933 when Superman was born. He recently turned 80 and brought with him a whole saga of thrilling superheroes. Here is a summary of all the most popular comic superheroes who joined the bandwagon after the first-ever superheroes.

First-Ever Superheroes


The grandfather of all superheroes, this first-ever comic character was created by cartoonists Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in the year 1933. It made its screen presence in the year 1938. He was a superhuman who has super-speed, powerful hearing, remarkable strength, incredible vision, and amazing flight. His powers were blocked by Kryptonite as he hailed from the planet of Krypton. His abilities were magnified by the sun.

A Guide To Superheroes
A Guide To Superheroes


This cousin of Superman was appeared in Superman comics but made an onscreen debut only in the year 1959. She has the same powers and abilities as Superman does. The first Supergirl film, starring Helen Slater in the year 1984, bombed at the box office. In 2015, a TV series based on Supergirl was created. Helen Slater plays the role of Supergirl’s adoptive mother in the show.


Spider-man is a star of the Marvel comics. The role was portrayed by Peter Parker. He was bitten by a radioactive spider who gave him superpowers. Hence he became Spider-Man. This man can stick to the walls by making spider webs. He also has a sixth-sense of sensing danger before anyone else. He can fire cobwebs which help to block his enemies. His sense of responsibility to save the nation is greater than anything else. This character was created in the year 1962 and is to date the most amazing Marvel character.


Scientist Bruce Banner gets exposed to huge amounts of gamma radiation, which results in a usual reaction in his body. Whenever he gets angry, his body turns into a huge green monster called the Hulk. He is solid and eventually starts using his powers usefully.

A Guide To Superheroes
A Guide To Superheroes

Captain America

Captain America’s character revolves around a patriotic super-soldier who fights against the Nazis. This character was created in the year 1941. He has a protective weapon of an indestructible shield that he uses for his fights. The military gives him a serum that amplifies his strength and endurance. But in a twist of fate, even the Nazis get hold of this super powerful serum.


Bruce Wayne had to witness the murder of his parents, unfortunately. As a result of this traumatizing experience, he sets off on a mission to abolish crime in his town, Gotham City. He becomes Batman after intense training, skills, knowledge, and the use of technology. He wears the costume of a bat to ooze of fear.


Superheroes also have superhero opponents! This Catwoman is Batman’s opponent. They have had a few romantic encounters too. Catwoman has been played by many film actresses such as Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992, Halle Berry in 2004, Anne Hattaway in 2012.

These were some of the first-ever superheroes who made our childhood awesome.

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