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It is very hard for people to believe when they get an expeditious glimpse of any TV or latest movie releases that have drawn comic book heroes that are just superhero comics not marvel or dc. It is very obvious as well because since childhood everyone has just been obsessing over marvel or dc to a great extent. Some of the superhero comics that are not owned by Marvel or dc are Witchblade, Sailor Moon, Charlton/ Valiant/ Milestone, Plastic Man, The Spirit, Hellboy, etc. This content is all about superhero comics not marvel or dc that has made a place in every children’s heart. 

Superhero Comics Not Marvel Or Dc – Witchblade 

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At one point in time, Witchblade was one of the best and top-selling superhero comics not marvel or dc. In the beginning, Witchblade started as ‘90’s ‘bad girl’ which later saw superhero vixens take over her. Nevertheless, the legacy of Witchblade continued and it is still continuing. The staying power of Witchblade led to the creation of a lot of sequels from a production house called Top Cow which was very renowned back then. The ongoing Witchblade ended after twenty years of coming into existence. It even found its place in short-lived live-action TV series and an anime. 

Superhero Comics Not Marvel Or Dc – Sailor Moon 

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Sailor Moon is yet another one of the best superhero comics not marvel or dc. It did not originate in American comic books; however, this does not mean that Sailor Moon wasn’t a superhero. Sailor Moon had secret powers and even an identity along with a team of superheroes who were always by her side even through thick and thin. Coming to her profile, she is very strong and has made her place in the American market. 

Superhero Comics Not Marvel Or Dc – Charlton/Valiant/Milestone 

Charlton comics is one of those superhero comics not marvel or dc, that just won’t quit. The interesting fact about it is that it features the gold key superheroes. However, slowly and gradually valiant had its own universe which had characters like Bloodshot and X-O Manowar. 


Sometimes, you might just not want to learn about Marvel or DC or at least the fact that it has been one of the popular franchises among the audience. Specifically, if you have already watched the movies, you will find the comic perspective the same with the base storyline being followed but when you go for different comic books, you can find more powerful characters and we never know that you will be able to relate to that even. We hope that the characters we have listed above inspire you enough to get more comics that are not necessarily Marvel or DC and get to know more about the comic industry rather than just the already popular characters. The characters we have mentioned above are equally popular and you will get to know that when you start reading different comics. There are various superhero comics not marvel or dc, that have been winning people’s hearts for ages. Witchblade, Sailor Moon, Charlton, etc. are some of the best superhero comics.

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