Strongest Avenger Thor 10 Times He Proved Himself

Strongest Avenger Thor 10 Times He Proved Himself
Strongest Avenger Thor 10 Times He Proved Himself

We all love superhero stories and movies. In the last few years, avengers had been the most popular and amazing movie. The movie of Avenger had amazing superheroic characters as it ranged from weakest to strongest. But every character in the movie has its own place and importance. Thor, as the strongest Avenger, was my favorite character. Many times Thor has shown that he is the strongest Avenger in MCU. Thus, here are the ten times where Thor proved that he is the strongest Avenger.

Taking Out The Frost Giants

When the Thor movie series started then in its first movie, he fought with frost giants. He almost defeated them all. We all know he is a god of thunder, and thus, this power makes him stronger and cool. He is just a few minutes, defeated almost all the frost giants. With his power, he also defeated the frost monster in that fight within a few seconds. Thor makes dozens of giants on their knees within seconds.

Defeating The Destroyer As Strongest Avenger

The framed weapon of the Asgard was the Destroyer and was the most potent weapon. But Thor in the first part of Thor also defeated the Destroyer. Thor suits up with his Mjolnir and then fights with the Destroyer. He attacks the Destroyer with his hammer on his head. Thus, this epic fight proved that Thor is the strongest hardest Avenger.

Destroying The Chitauri Fleet

If you have seen Avenger’s first part, then you would remember he destroyed Chitauri fleet. Thor, with his power of thunder, ended the Chitauri fleet in a great way.

Beating Iron Man And Hulk As The Strongest Avenger

In avengers first part when the iron man and Thor meet for the first time then Thor Defeated iron man. He attacked him with greater capacity. In some part of Avenger when the avengers were fighting among themselves, then Thor controlled and defeated hulk.

Strongest Avenger Thor 10 Times He Proved Himself
Strongest Avenger Thor 10 Times He Proved Himself

Defeating Surtur As The Strongest Avenger

In the recent sequel of Thor, Surtur was the powerful monster but was, defeated by Thor. Thor was fighting for the first time with him and killed him by taking his head off.

Unleashing Full Power

In the last sequel of Thor, he lost his hammer and was, defeated by Hela, his sister. But he returns to Asgard and founds his full power within himself. Thus, when he returns to Asgard, he defeats Hela the Goddess of death and her army.  

Containing A Star 

Thor has the highest level of durability and strength. With his durability, he was able to create Stormbreaker, the weapon that he used to kill Thanos.

Having Access To The Bifrost

Thor with his Stormbreaker can go anywhere in the galaxy. With the help of this weapon, he arrived Nidavellir to Earth. 

Defeating Thanos 

In avengers: infinity war he with his Stormbreaker almost defeated Thanos. Thor was the only superhero who could defeat Thanos at Titan.

Accepting Himself For Who He Is

Thor was the only Avenger who did not give up as he went after giving up his kingdom to his brother. He explored many galaxies, helped a lot of people in search of who he is actually. In the last sequel of Thor, we saw when he lost his Mjolnir, and he thought he became powerless. But when his father makes him realize who he was actually then his power raised.

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