Reasons Why Kids Love Dc Comics New Gay Superhero

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Have you been following the new DC Comics character New Gay Superhero series? If you have not yet, you should be. This new comic is a great read and one that will appeal to a wide variety of people. In fact, many readers are not even familiar with the character of Green Lantern until they encounter New Gay Super Hero, who happens to be a GLBT superhero. Here are some things about this new comic that might interest you, and make you want to read it now.

What Is Great About Dc Comics New Gay Superhero?

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First off, what is so great about Green Lantern? Well, he is the main character in this latest comic book series. He is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, which happens to be a group of men and women who combine their strength to repel any form of evil from our universe. When his home is attacked by an alien race called the Sinestro, he is left with no choice but to give up his life and go into space, while choosing to live amongst people without a flaw. This is where the story begins, as you will see.

As you may imagine, this was not easy for Green Lantern to make happen. He was born as a child of two bisexual boys named Jake O’Brien andobby Green. This is actually the first known instance of being bisexuality in the DC Universe, although most superheroes have had at least some bisexual experiences in the past. It is unknown why, but when he was born, he was given a special protection against all forms of gay marriage in the DC Universe, as is the case in most comic books. This is why, in this new comic series, he has to fight against the hatred of GLBT people.

Different Types Of Glbt Superheroes In The World Of Dc Comics 

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There are quite a few different types of GLBT superheroes in the world of DC comics however, the majority of them are not the new Gay Superheroes. In fact, only one, the Flash, is gay. Of course, you can see how this could play into the fact that the Flash is faster than Superman, which is how they first met. However, there are still a lot of characters who are GLBT who are not considered to be gay superheroes. These include Aquaman, the Green Lantern, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman, just to name a few.

One of the most interesting things about the New Gay superheroes of DC comics is that they are being introduced at a time where the readership is going to be much more open about their sexuality. For instance, in the last ten years or so, there have been a ton of TV shows and movies which feature openly gay superheroes, and this has had a positive impact on the way that a lot more people feel comfortable being themselves and discussing their sexualities. TheDC comics universe, however, has not yet adopted this approach, at least not to the extent that other superheroes have. This is a real disappointment for many people who want to see the DC Universe take the necessary steps towards creating characters that are open about their sexuality.

Why Kids Love Dc Comics New Gay Superhero

One of the reasons why this is the case is that there is an element of shock value to comic books, in general. People who would not normally read comic books or watch cartoons, will often feel a certain level of shock when they open up a comic book or watch a cartoon feature about superheroes. In this way, it gives people an image of what it’s like to be a superhero, which is something that very few people can do without. By introducing a new character into the DC comics world without introducing them as a gay hero, it creates a perception of the characters that you would not normally get if you were to introduce an openly gay superhero into the DC comics universe.

There are a lot of people who have criticized the New Gay superheroes of DC as well. There have been a lot of negative portrayals of the characters as well, which has been a real concern for those who are concerned with the representations of gay people within comic books. However, this new concept in DC comic books has nothing to do with the writers or artists of the comic books themselves. Rather, it is more a case of a character who has found his way into the DC comic universe who may not have always been there. That being said, the fact that these superheros are now being presented as being something other than straight has nothing to do with either their sexuality or their orientation.

Final Thoughts

There is no real reason to think that DC comics has done anything wrong. The company has simply introduced a new element into their comic books that will hopefully excite and attract a new type of reader to their comic books. After all, if there is one thing that DC writers and artists have learned over the years, it is that a successful comic book business means catering to a wide variety of readers, which includes some that may be very traditional in their tastes in entertainment. By introducing a new gay superhero into their comic book world, they have done just that. Whether you are a lifelong comic book fan or just someone who likes to see new characters introduced into the DC comics universe, you are going to love this new addition to the DC comic book world!

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