Everything About The Popular Comic Hero

Popular Comic Hero

Batman?   Superman? Perhaps Groot? Who is for the popular comic hero? When Superman and Batman have re-invented and combined character stories from mythology like Robin Hood, Zorro, Tarzan and William Tell with ancient Greek, and Scandinavian myths, the Super-Heroes have conquered the earth. Superheroes have been the best sensation at the box office since the early 21st century, too, with the bulk of the top-earning films over the last two years influenced by the exploits of these spandex-clad characters from comic books. Yet there is no simple solution about who is the greatest superhero. This is the focus of the world-wide playground and twitter controversy which will never be settled certainly.

Popular Comic Hero Facts
Popular Comic Hero Facts


The Hulk must be the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde (Marvel’s Mister Hyde, however). The Hulk was initially the cruel yet childlike alter-ego of Dr Bruce Banner’s intellect. Throughout time, the Hulk became an actual entity and many other characters began to appear. Apart from the wild Green Hulk, a Grey Hulk is also known as Joe Fixit, more smart and clever than the green Hulk, but not as strong. Intelligent “Professor” Hulks and the clever Green Scar individual were also present. — reflects varying facets of the delicate mind of Banner and its forces vary to specific degrees.


The countdown is done and who else may be no one, except Batman! The roots have been reported several times and are very clear in all newspapers. Teen Bruce Wayne, the sole claimant to the enormous fortune of Batman, was unable to keep his parents Thomas and Martha from murdering. Determined to battle against the criminal element, he devoted his career to becoming the best policeman in the world and perfected his mind and body to the absolute height of human perfection.


In certain respects, Spider-Man is the character who changed everything. In comparison to the billionaire playboys with their skyscrapers or the gods and monsters who lifted continents, Peter Parker was a 15-year-old kid who has daily challenges obtaining superpowers. This man was the narration. He was humiliated. But did not strike hard, and without cracking a sweat, he might blow up the whole football squad. He had assignments that he needed to take in to combat his abuse. He had a failure, too. His pain at losing his parents and the guilt he was guilty of not stopping a criminal, who then killed his uncle, made him feel more real than any other hero before him.

Captain America

Steve Rogers was a polio-hitting young man who tried to fight communism as Nazis began marching across Germany. As he wanted to participate in the army, though, Professor Erskine gave him the opportunity to be a test subject for a super-soldier experiment. Although Rogers flourished and became the emblem of human power, endurance and stamina, the professors were murdered before the project could be repeated. Rather of being one of many, Steve Rogers was a face of Captain America on the frontline, helping the Allies fight the Second World War.

Mister Fantastic

Reed Richards, the Fantastic Four creator, is the most knowledgeable individual in the universe. He is also a pretty bad husband who pays no attention to his wife and baby, even though he loves them very much. He is therefore foolishly arrogant and believes that his intelligence automatically corrects him in some specific circumstance. He’s a jackass. He’s kind of a jackass. 

List: Popular Comic Hero
List: Popular Comic Hero

Miss Marvel

The name of a proven hero is not easy to embrace to render it your own. It’s even harder when Miss Marvel is the hero. But the young Kamala Khan stepped up when Carol Danvers (The original Miss Marvel) took on the role, Captain Marvel. Kamala Khan is the first Muslim to lead her own show, a respectable Pakistani American and born in Jersey City.

Summing Up

Of course we know that we have missed a few of the greatest heroes here.  Has your pick made the cut? Were you freaked that somebody you love we missed?  You can tell us this in the comment section.

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