Oldest Superhero Comics – Where To Find Them And How To Get Them

The oldest superhero comics can be found in many places as there are many passionate readers and collectors of these characters. When the oldest superhero was ever created, there were millions of fans who purchased their comics. Some of them might have passed on these comics to their younger generations as a prized possession. If you want to know more about where to get the oldest superhero comics from, read on further.

How To Get The Oldest Superhero Comics?


If your town has an old library, then probably, they have a section of old comics and novels. You can browse the collection there and if you are lucky, you can get some of the rarest and oldest superhero comics there.

Online Sites

Some online websites also sell the oldest superhero comics. You can log in to such sites and browse by year or name of the comic you are looking for. This way, you can get lucky and find some of the oldest comics that you want to read.


Some comics might be available online for free or paid download. This way, you can read these old comics on kindle or on your laptop. It is often tough to get copies as old as 70 years or more. But with the facility of downloading, you can get the matter in the fresh paper.

Friends and Reference

You can start a Facebook page with the oldest superhero subject. There you can post your requirement of the oldest comics. You can get lucky when some of your members have the oldest comics and are ready to exchange. This way, you can start a community of old comic books and everyone can share their books with each other.

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Oldest Superhero Comics
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Oldest Superhero Comics
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