Marvel Vs DC: Which Comic Book Universe Is Better? -

Marvel Vs DC: Which Comic Book Universe Is Better?

There are several comic book publications around the world such as Dark Horse, Valiant Comic, Marvel Comics, and Detective Comic. But in terms of rivalry, Marvel vs DC has the most notable rivalry throughout the space and time.

When it comes to comic book selling and killing off major characters, DC will always have the upper hand over Marvel. Given that audiences talk among peers about Marvel vs DC in terms of the cinematic universe, which are up to some extent true and genuine. Recently in the latest war between the top two comic publishers in the world, DC is the reigning king. DC was able to defeat Marvel this time with the help of Justice League. But all DC had to end the world to achieve a milestone in comic book selling.

Marvel Vs DC: Which Comic Book Universe Is Better?
Marvel Vs DC: Which Comic Book Universe Is Better?

DCeased Killed Marvel’s Mid-2019 Comic Book Storylines – Marvel Vs DC

Marvel vs DC cannot be judged by the movies, TV series, here, comic books also play a crucial role. DC recently launched DCeased, a miniseries where all the superheroes have turned into zombies. By the looks of it, DCeased sold almost a quarter million issues to the retailers this month. Since the beginning of time, whenever DC destroys the Justice League, the universe defeats Marvel.

But where did the war and difference begin? Is it in the origin of the characters, storylines, dates of publications, or something else entirely?

Marvel Vs DC – The Beginning Of War Between Marvel & DC.

Marvel and DC are complete opposites of each other. The superheroes in the DC universe are Gods. Thor, a demigod/god himself can be killed but not Superman due to the yellow light that radiates from Earth’s sun. The superheroes in the DC universe such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, J’onn J’onzz have god-like powers. Batman is the only superhero in the DC universe who was utterly human. Nevertheless, he repeatedly pushed himself to become a God.

Moreover, the characters in Marvel Comics are humans who gain superhuman abilities through subtle accidents, and experimentations. Odin, son of Borr, banishes Thor to Earth to learn humility and understand what it is like to be humans. Tony Stark is a self-centred person who later became a better human being after going to severe ordeals. Bruce Banner has to tame his inner beast who destroys everything in its path.

Marvel Vs DC: Which Comic Book Universe Is Better?
Marvel Vs DC: Which Comic Book Universe Is Better?

They Copy Each Other’s Characters.

Marvel vs DC is a phenomenon that will never end until the end of time. Nevertheless, both DC and Marvel have been flattering themselves since the beginning. Most of the comic book characters who are currently existing are the ripoffs of the already present characters.

Some of these characters were created to make fun of other characteristics of the competing publishers. For instance, X-Men is a direct copy of DC’s Doom Patrol, DC’s Aquaman draws inspiration from Marvel’s Namor. On the other hand, DC’s cybernetic superhero Red Tornado came into existence two months before Marvel’s Vision’s release.

Marvel’s success story in terms of comic adaptations will stand tall till the world ends. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe became extremely popular than DCEU. The movies from Marvel Studios are going to a successful period both critically and commercially.

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