Marvel Superheroes: Our All Time Favourite -

Marvel Superheroes: Our All Time Favourite

MARVEL SUPER HEROES: Our All Time Favourite
MARVEL SUPERHEROES: Our All Time Favourite

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby together created the Marvel Universe, a universe of Superheroes. The Marvel Universe is a fictional world where superheroes exist and fight against the evils of the world. Some of the superhero teams are Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. Marvel universe is a multiverse that consists of thousands of separate universes.

The Marvel Universe draws its inspiration from the real world. We can best say that the marvel world is the perfect combination of the real and fictional world. The name of the countries used, personalities and different historical events like World War II draw their link from the real world while agencies like S.H.I.E.L.D, HYDRA belonged to the fictional world. The Marvel Universe we are talking about is based on science fiction and fantasy. Marvel has many characters, more than 100 marvel superheroes and together they create a new realm for them. Some of the Marvel superheroes are born with some extraordinary talents, some are Gods while some got theirs through science. Some of the most popular and powerful Marvel superheroes are:

Captain America:

Steve Rogers, is the first member of the Avengers. He was a very thin and frail man who wanted to fight in the second world war but was declared unfit. Later the super Soldier serum was injected to him and his strength, ability, power, and physique changed. It became ten times more than a normal human. His healing power also increased so he became quite invincible. He leads the Avengers.

Iron Man:

MARVEL SUPER HEROES: Our All Time Favourite
MARVEL SUPERHEROES: Our All Time Favourite

Tony stark or iron man is a genius millionaire. He developed many technologies. Tony Stark may be a genius but he is nothing without his suits. He can make discoveries but without his suit, he can be easily defeated. The iron man suit is one of the best creations of Tony. The suit has many features like flight, combat, life support system, etc and can deal with many difficult situations. Iron man is one of the most loved of these. Tony Stark, unlike Captain America, doesn’t pose any such superhero power it is his suit that makes him one.

Black Widow– Marvel Superheroes

Natasha Romanoff is a former KGB operative and working as a secret agent. She joined S.H.I.E.L.D and is one of the founding members of the Avengers along with Tony Stark and Captain America. Natasha doesn’t possess any kind of superpower like the other characters, but she is an expert fight and can fight against many. She is a human and doesn’t have any special ability and that’s what makes her different.

Thor– Marvel Superheroes

Thor Odinson is the God of thunder according to the Marvel Universe. He is the son of Odin and is extremely powerful. This God of Thunder holds a hammer Mjolnir which is an extremely powerful weapon. He is one of the most powerful of these. He was also the part of the Avenger initiative and together with the other Avengers he was able to save the world many a time.

Hulk– Marvel Superheroes

MARVEL SUPER HEROES: Our All Time Favourite
MARVEL SUPERHEROES: Our All Time Favourite

Hulk is another fictional superhero of the Marvel Universe. He is a green color giant who possess extreme strength and is invincible. Dr. Bruce Banner is actually Thor. He is a weak and drawn society. He injects himself with some serum and later turns into a Hulk when he gets angry.

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