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Marvel’s Marvel Insider program is a joint venture between Marvel and two of the world’s most popular entertainment media companies, namely, Disney and Fox. These joint ventures provide an unprecedented opportunity for individuals who are interested in comics and related industries. You will be able to become an “insider” of the inner workings of your favorite characters, whether you like them or not! It’s like being part of a club that gives you special access to information not available to everyone else. You will have access to new comic book pages and other special incentives only available to the members of the Marvel Insider program.

An Overview

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Marvel’s Marvel Insider program does not give permission to other individuals or companies to exploit the contents of this program for the purpose of commercial advantage. These Marvel Insider Loyalty Rewards Program terms (“terms & conditions”) were last updated on March 21, 2021 and therefore govern your usage of the Marvel Insider program, including those websites and programs that implement the Program and those of sites, email and other communication that link to or refer to these Terms (collectively, the “Program”). You agree that any reference to the unauthorized version of these Terms or any reproduction thereof in conjunction with the Program is strictly prohibited and constitutes a liability on behalf of Marvel.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, if any material contained on any website that links to or refers to the Program is a duplicate, copy or rogue reproduction of the Program, you are hereby notified that such website has taken reasonable measures to remove such reproductions or copies that infringe the rights of Marvel in its entirety and/or subjecting to the provisions of its copyright. You further agree not to utilize the Program for commercial advantage except as otherwise expressly permitted.

Major Aspects

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Certain aspects of the Marvel Insider program will vary depending on whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer/publisher. While some of the components will be the same between the veteran user and novice, you must be aware that some of these components may apply differently to you. Some of these aspects may apply to you regardless of your experience, but if you wish to be particularly diligent about your protection and safety while using the Program, it may be of value to become somewhat more familiar with these aspects as time goes by.

As part of the Marvel Insider program, you will be able to build and/or purchase Marvel comics online. When you are registering for membership, you will be asked to create a user name and a password. Without limitation to the generality of this aspect, each user name and password will be assigned to specific websites that have come authorized to use them by Marvel Entertainment Company (“MRC”) (“Morgue”) in connection with the Marvel comic book industry.

The amount of rewards points that you can earn will vary with each website that you sign up with. As a new member of the Marvel Insider program, you will likely receive a very generous twenty-five (25) reward points bonus when you make the initial contact with a selected site, but subsequent exchanges with other sites will result in even greater rewards points (“backend”) if you meet their minimum sales volume requirements.

Purchasing Tips

In addition to building and qualifying for free comics through purchases at participating retail locations, you will also be able to accumulate additional points (“fan-level points”) when you read a Marvel comic in print or online. For every “purchase” that you make – whether it is a dollar-cost purchase or simply browsing – you will earn one point. This point system has proven very successful for the Marvel Insider program, but it is also used in many other facets of the comic book and superhero culture/culture industry as well.

Any website, magazine, blog or social media platform that are dedicated to the promotion of comic books, movies and television shows – and the Marvel Fan Level program are certainly one of them – understands the value of building strong relationships with their members, which often translates into increased sales and/or brand recognition among those who may not be aware of their connection to the site or may only be vaguely familiar with its workings.

High Benefits

The value of building strong relationships with your audience, customers and other people who are interested in the products and properties you represent, is something that is inherent in almost all business practices, marketing efforts and interaction. Unfortunately, most companies, organizations and people simply do not take the time to think about or plan for this aspect of their operations. Often, they simply do not understand the benefits and joys of cultivating long-term relationships. However, by understanding the value of rewards points – and the value of Marvel insider memberships – these individuals will not only understand and seize the opportunities that present themselves, but will be willing to invest in other facets of their organization as well. That’s ultimately how you get the most out of any promotional program.

All things considered, Marvel Comics and the Marvel franchise in general have done very well since introducing the Marvel Insider program. The rewards points earned through purchases at participating retailers have provided steady revenue for the company, while word-of-mouth advertising has brought new fans into the fold. It is clear to see the tremendous potential of the application of Marvel’s online community. Whether you are a long-time reader or a newcomer to comics, acquiring a Marvel Insider Membership is an excellent opportunity to become a part of this exciting phenomenon. By exploring the marvel member website and understanding the rewards points program, one could find a rewarding and meaningful way to make online comic book purchases, while enjoying the site’s features as well.


The membership benefits offered by Marvel are not available to everyone, so if you are interested in being a member, you will want to take the time to explore the options that are available to you. The key is understanding the incentives and features that are available to you and knowing where your place is within the system. As long as you are over the age of eighteen, you can register and begin enjoying the many features and benefits of Marvel Comics, along with the advantages that come with becoming a marvel insider member. You may just discover that this is a perfect opportunity to get into the world of comics!

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