Marvel Characters – Their Beginning and End Times

marvel characters list

What is a Marvel Characters List? It’s a list of famous (and not so famous) comic book and superhero characters. Often it contains several of the most famous comic book superheros (the ones that everybody knows or wants to know about) put side by side. It’s a compendium of the best and most iconic comic book superheros ever published. If you’re a comics fan, a List like this could be a godsend. Here are just ten of the many superheros which appear on lists of famous Marvel Characters.

Marvel Characters Information

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Professor X, Magneto, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Cyclops, Dr Doom, Beast, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, The Hulk, The X-Men, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four (and Wolverine) appear on lots of lists of famous superheroes, but how do they fare in comparison with some of the best superheros? Lots of people agree that Professor X and Magneto are superheros that defined the entire genre of comic books and paved the way for future comic books with great stories about alternate earths and time periods. Indeed, Professor X and Magneto go back and forth in that classic ” Xavier’s Arc” storyline, and there are plenty of other X-Men who have appeared throughout the history of the comic books. While some superheros have become iconic, like Batman and Superman, some have only had short stints in the limelight, like Wolverine.

The Incredible Hulk, also known as the Mark III, has appeared in three different series over the years. It made the original list of the top 100 comic book and superhero names back in 1967, and even though it has gone through a ton of changes and come back out on the list, it still ranks highly. This is largely due to its longevity, as well as the fact that no other character has been able to challenge or rival it in the modern era. The Hulk, like most of the marvel characters, started off as an overweight, caveman known as Green Monster, and later changed into a more muscular and toned alter ego called Dr. Bruce Banner. The Incredible Hulk has featured in numerous storylines, including one where he was possessed by the Green Monster and fought against another version of himself, called Dr. Curtains.

Namor, also known as “The Great Unknown” has been around since 1970, and unlike most of the marvel characters, has not had much story to tell. He was a member of the royal family of Namibia, and like the Hulk, was given a massive, purple, spherical head as a gift by his uncle. However, Namor’s story has been told many times over as a love story between an African king and a woman from the United States. He appeared again in the pages of the comic book, written by Jim Shooter and drawn by Bill Finger.

Spider-woman is a newer addition to the Marvel Universe, appearing in the ongoing series of the same name. She is a high school graduate with web shooter skills who uses her webbing to fight crime. Peter Parker, the presumed ” Parker” of the comics, has never known that Mary Jane Watson is actually his Aunt May, since she never knew he had her younger sister in the first place. The relationship between the two is a bit complicated, since Peter isn’t sure he even has a relationship with his idol, while Mary Jane is absolutely infatuated with him. After an accident in which his life is spared, Spider-woman tracks down her cousin (posing as Spider-woman) and they team up to fight crime once and for all.

One of the top 100 characters in the Marvel Universe is Green Lantern, who has been depicted as a green-skinned, power saving superhero since his introduction in the pages of the comic books of the late 1960s. Although he has been shown as a polarizing and controversial character to many fans over the years, many others love his optimistic outlook on life. In fact, his most famous comic is the highly talked-about New York Times bestselling comic series, the Green Lantern: Sinestro, which he co-created with writer Robert Vendetta and artist Michael Golden. To date, the comic series remains one of the most critically acclaimed titles in the history of the comic industry, and has spawned several feature films and TV series. The most recent live action incarnations of Green Lantern have been successful, but they still don’t compare to the origin story of the character which introduced to the world a whole new way of looking at comic book history. That is why, in this author’s opinion, the late Frank Miller’s Sinestro series is without a doubt the greatest Green Lantern tale ever told.

Of course, the Marvel characters list would be incomplete if it didn’t include another legendary super hero, and the man behind the Marvel’s greatest super hero, the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four has been around since the very beginning of the comic book industry, and was arguably the most popular comic book superhero of all time. The Fantastic Four consists of Reed, Sue, Johnny Storm, and Ben Franklin, and they combine their powers to help humanity solve various puzzles and fight villains. The quartet has gone through many different changes and difficulties over the years, and their popularity continues today.

The most recent additions to the Marvel Characters List are the X-Men: First Class and the upcoming Wolverine and the X-Men series. The X-Men: First Class picks up immediately after the events of the last X-Men movie, which saw Charles Xavier sacrifice himself to save the world. Wolverine and the X-Men series is an ongoing series, and will feature Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and Wolverine’s son, Logan. X-Men: First Class features a younger version of Wolverine, with a red and blue costume and strong attitude, and has more of a family dynamic than any other X-Men characters. The series is expected to start filming in the next few months.

These are some of the most noticeable marvel characters.

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