List of the Best Marvel Superhero Comics

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For all the marvel comic fans, the is the website where you can browse for your favorite comics. If you are looking for avengers comics, then this website has plenty of them. Avengers superheroes  stories are the favorite of many of us these days. 

Marvel Tales – Avengers (2019)

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Published on 2019, this Avengers comic is about Earth’s mightiest heroes charge into action. This anthology series features favorite characters, timeless stories and highlights some of the most interesting people from the past eight decades of marvel comics. The original team consists of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby assembling Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. In this avengers comic, Roy Thomas and John Buscema meet the Yellowjacket too.

Avengers of the Wasteland (2020)

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This one is a new story from the world of old man Logan. This comic story is written in a world where most super heroes fall into the hands of the Red Skull. Then a new force rises into the wastelands. Dani Cage weilds the strong Mjolnir for the sake of peace but at that time, the unfair regime of Doctor Doom forces Dwight to Dani and Hulk in a last ditch effort to survive. 

Avengers – Loki Unleashed (2019)

The classic Avengers writer Roger Stern again brings this classic comic with Earth’s mightiest heroes. This all-new adventure comic is fun to read. The siege of Avengers mansion is over and the Avengers are all shattered and disoriented. 

Marvel’s Avengers – Thor (2020)

When the God of Thunder makes use of his mighty Mjolnir to help Tony stark or the Iron Man with his latest research, it leads to an unexpected encounter with an Asgardian. This results in a one-on-one battle between Thor and the green man – The Hulk. 

Hunt for Wolverine – Wolverine (2018)

When wolverine dies, his friends find out what happened to him and try to cope with the outcome. Mister Fantastic voices his regret about not being able to help Wolverine to reactivate his healing factor. Forge builds a log cabin housing Wolverine’s Adamantium-covered body. Kitty Pryde decides to phase Wolverine’s body out of the Admantium so that he can have a proper funeral. This shell of Admantium is hidden beneath the cabin as his memorial. Then a fight follows with the Reavers and Kitty Pryde finds that Wolverine’s body is not in its marked grave. They begin a hunt to find its body.

Dark Reign – 2008

This is a 2008-2009 comic book from Marvel comics. It deals with the aftermath of the ‘second invasion’ storyline of the ‘secret invasion’ story and then leads to shift of power in the universe towards Normal Osborn. The dark reign title refers to Osborne’s rise to national power and the repercussions after that. 

These are some of the best Marvel comic books. You can also read all the others as they launch a few every year.  

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