Learning About The Harry Potter Books From My Teenage Years

Learning About The Harry Potter Books From My Teenage Years

Before Harry Potter was published there were a lot of children’s books written on witchcraft and other such magical creatures. In the series, the wizards don’t get around to being created until later in the books, but from my experience of these books as a child, it was already pretty clear that wizards were magical creatures with all sorts of powers.

Even the Cabbage Patch kids started playing with wands that were just about the size of the famous wand – the Elder Wand. You had to be careful as you pointed it at someone as if it were any other normal stick.

Some Interesting Facts About Harry Potter

Once it became clear that magic did exist, people could begin creating myths and legends about the wizard and the powers he could perform. It seems to me that for the young children in the Harry Potter books, there was a real need to be able to identify a wizard and that they got frustrated in that they didn’t know who the wizards were.

Learning About The Harry Potter Books From My Teenage Years
Learning About The Harry Potter Books From My Teenage Years

It also helped that Peter Pettigrew wasn’t a bad guy, although most kids really hated him, and that he was played by some tough guy actor named Jason Flemyng. But there was always something about his appearance that kept making people think he was evil. After all, he wasn’t even from this world and wasn’t one of the good guys.

Kids seemed to take Peter very seriously, which was a little odd because he was clearly a villain and yet he behaved in all different ways. He couldn’t get into Dudley’s cupboard when he wanted to and then made Harry promise to protect him, a lot of the time throwing a tantrum and threatening Harry.

The Full Story Of Harry Potter

This caused Peter a lot of grief as he was probably the one who put him up to it. On the other hand, Harry and his friends didn’t seem to notice that Peter was being sneaky as it was what he wanted them to do.

The two boys got on well, as was expected, and at the end of book one they were on the path to becoming best friends, as well as having a very strong relationship. A friendship seems to be the most common theme running through the entire series, with it not surprising that some of the stories have to do with their much older male characters and the struggles of their friendship.

In a way, these characters became very similar to the young students in their school, especially since so many of them are from that same world and know each other pretty well. It is really amazing to see how they got on and the differences between them.

Different Things To Know About the School

I can only imagine how different things would be if you were starting at school during their younger years, starting with the first book and then going through the entire series. The wizarding world is rather different, having to do with its politics and the political climate of the country where it is located.

It may seem like Harry’s school life is boring and predictable, as I said, but the kids at school with whom he interacts with are much more interesting than Peter or Petunia Dursley ever were. In fact, the older kids can actually help create interesting situations.

Learning About The Harry Potter Books From My Teenage Years
Learning About The Harry Potter Books From My Teenage Years

There is something about the older kids that Peter could never capture, although in one of the later books, he probably tried. What is interesting about the older kids is that they develop friendships with Harry and go through the whole series.

Bottom Line

In fact, James Watson, the author of the series and the lead actor, was an old school friend of mine when I was younger. My memories of those days are still vivid and it gave the Harry Potter books a slightly different feeling than a traditional reading experience.

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