Read Funny Superhero Comics For Fun

Many superhero characters are so funny that you can roll on the floor laughing. Comics were the only amusement in our lives sometime back when superhero films were not made. If you want to entertain yourself and have some fun all by yourself, then you can read a funny superhero comic. These are written in such a way that you can visualize the comic characters. The characters are also with images and so, it is easy to visualize these. Mentioned-below is some funny superhero comics characters that you should read for entertainment.

Funny Superhero Comics You Can Read For Fun

Spider-Man Comics

This is one of the first-ever funny superhero characters. There are many comics of spider-man and you can read whichever ones you want. This is a fictional superhero character that was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko. Spider-man first came in the funny comic series with the name of Amazing Fantasy#15. This comic book series came at a time when the rage of comic books was the highest. Eventually, everyone started loving these comics. There were miniatures of spider man also available, and soon kids started buying everything they could about spiderman.

Iron-Man Comics

Iron man fans are spread across the world. This strong character has been our favorite right from childhood. For those who want some entertainment, they can read the comics with iron-man as the lead character. The comics are very hilarious and you can enjoy your time alone. This fictional superhero was first created in 2008. It first appeared in the American film that was produced by Marvel comics. Since then, Marvel comics have released many comics and movies based on such superheroes.

Black Panther Comics

Black Panther comics are very funny and entertaining. It is fun to read how this superhero defeats his villains. The dialogue with his friends and villains is also funny. When you read these comics instead of watching these superhero films, you can enjoy more as you can imagine them better. This one is a more recent superhero film that was written in 2018. It is produced by Marvel franchise only. Today, there are many toys, shirts, and other items available with the Black Panther theme. This comic superhero is everyone’s favorite and we all enjoy reading it and watching its movies.

Super Man

Another funny comic series is the superman comics. It was one of the first-ever superheroes created. At that time, no movies were made on superheroes. The only way to visualize or read about them was through comics. These comics were a favorite of every child and adult alike. Superman is a fictional superhero character first created in 1938. The character of the superhero story was first published in a comic book on April 18, 1938. It was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. It was the first comic superhero character to be ever created. Superman started the legacy of the cartoon. He also started fictional comic superheroes or family superheroes.

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