Four Superhero Comic Books For Action Lovers

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Comic books are becoming more and more movies and TV adaptations, so fans can quite normally base their knowledge entirely on them. However, it’s even more important to trace their beloved heroes’ journey through the comic books that gave rise to them for a true blue fan of Superhero movies. Knowing the origin facilitates a better understanding of the subject. Moreover, we had some of the best comic books to read as kids in all of these classics to shape our childhood. The biggest superhero comic books of all time are listed here. The books you need to read should be on your list of readers.

Secret Wars

The Avengers’ origins, which we know today, were Secret Wars. The Secret War of the Marvel Superheroes included many interconnections from ten others already in existence. With the “Battle world,” every kid dreamed of bringing heroes and villagers of the multiverse. We have seen some of the iconic characters like the X-Men, Hulk, Lizard, Klaw, Hawk-eye, Thor, Magneto, Ultron and Titania, and many others collide in fighting. In addition, this superhero comic books immediately saw a sequel bringing in the mainstream elements of its alternative facts.

Daredevil Born Again 

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In the early 1980s, Daredevil was living. Artist Frank Miller, promoted to Daredevil’s main author, made the title one of the best superhero comic books of the decade. Miller came back to the book in 1986 after his initial stint for the story called “Born again,” in which Matt Murdock was systematically demolished after he realized that Murdock was the Daredevil. His former girlfriend, Karen Page, reveals his identity. The story of Miller is an explosion-packed tragedy.

The Dark Knight Returns 

Batman continues to be a childhood favourite and one of the best superhero comic books ever. In his campy 1960s TV show, The Dark Knight returned to 1986 most of Batman’s mainstream audience. Miller stripped off all the technology and devices of Batman, leaving a mass of rage in the Dark Night. He is less a jaded hero and more a tired man, who wants to die and who is furious. He looked at Caped Crusader through a lens of violence and political corruption, like Miller has done in several other titles during his whole career.


After his successful appearance on the Swamp Thing of Alan Moore in the 1980s, DC finally gave his Hell blazer comic in 1988 to John Constantine. It is the only superhero comic books on the list with an artists’ and writers’ roster. The creative pinnacle of the title was attended by writers such as Garth Ennis, Jamie Delano, Warren Elis, and Peter Milligan all experts in balancing horrors with Constantine’s raw personality. Hell Blazer’s book is about the common personality of Constantine who mixes with the supernatural world. A few beautiful stories have been made by the DC HellBlazer.


All the above-mentioned superhero comic books are quite intriguing for any action lover. One can try and read these beautiful and inspirational comic books to gather in-depth knowledge about their origins.

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