First Superhero Comic Book Ever- The Phantom

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We are fond of Batman, Spiderman, and Iron Man, etc. Whether it is the talk of DC or Marvel, We never missed any movie and comic book. But you know what the First ever superhero comic book is, It’s “The Phantom” created by Lee Falk (USA), who debuted in his newspaper comic strip on 1 Feb 1936.

It is an adventure book of a Kit walker who donned a mask and wore a purple outfit to become The Phantom – aka “the ghost who walks.”

Phantom- The First Superhero Comic Book Ever

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Superhero is the personality who has Superhuman Strength that he has the ability as flying, Bullet-proof muscles, along with the costume, fighting for equity, and helping people. “Coupled with their objective, superheroes use these powers to combat the evil forces.”

“Phantom is legitimately the superhero ever and is consequently the prime costumed fiction character ever.” He is also called “The Ghost Who Walks” because “when he died, his son took over for him and assumed the mantle as the new Phantom and when 2nd Phantom died, his son took over. And so it would go on through the centuries, causing people to think that the Phantom was eternal, giving him the nickname is “The Ghost Who Walks” and “The Man Who Cannot Die.”

The Character

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He is the crime-fighter, who wears the skintight costume attribute to comic book superheroes, and the first hero to have white eyes behind his mask. The Phantom comic strip is printed in the newspaper. It was not until the Phantom Sunday strip debuted in 1939 that the customer to be purple, something was printed by mistake, and Lee Falk did not approve beforehand. Lee Falk wanted the costume to be gray, but the other colorist says the Phantom would look better in Purple, but many times Falk rejected the purple costume much time but eventually accepted the purple costume.

In the retcon, it was shown that the first character chose the costume based on the appearance of the jungle and colored the cloth with purple jungle berries.

Color Controversy

The publisher of the comic book before 1939 chose costume color based on their preference, but later the world picked a different color for costume, e.g., Brown in New Zealand, Red in Italy, Brazil and Turkey, Blue in Scandinavia (this is because it is not possible in the European nations for the publisher to use Purple color as it cannot be printable since it was the color used for mourning.)

Generations Of Phantom

One-by-one, the successive formation of the phantom family takes the place of him and protects the world. He is the strapping figure of the protector of the world. He is faced with scary eyes because those evil characters can only be punished by him because he seems to have been around for a generation, as the character of the Phantom is descended from twenty previous generations of crime-fighters.

Review Phantom

There were many conversations on the review of The Phantom. As time passed, the tastes of the Phantom also changed. Many new versions of Phantom Launched and loved by many audiences. This Superhero is special as it captures the new generation ideas. Lee Flaks started the new era of immense superpower and brought down the imagination of their imagination to public minds and built its place in people’s Hearts.

The Phantom Famous oath is when is killed the evil man and raise his half-cut head above his head and says:

“I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice in all their forms! My sons and their sons shall follow me.”

This Oath gives a belief among the people that they are safe under his shadow, and this is the most satisfying part of this comic book, “The First Ever Superhero- the Phantom,” that places a special place in the heart of the audience.

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