Female Superheroes Comics – How Inspiring Can This Get

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Our Hollywood is the base of all heroes and heroine show casting heroism. It is also the hub of Super-Heroes inspired by Marvel and DC Comics. And there are some famous female Superheroes who are inspired by these comics and continue to grow within the movie industry. These female superheroes were first portrayed by the comics and embraced by various movie industries. These are some of the famous female superhero comics the movie industry gets inspiration from.

Female Superhero In Marvel’s Comics

Hollywood is the hotshot of all the superheroes. Some of the superhero movies get inspiration from comic books. 

Ms. Marvel: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson

Ms. Marvel is a Pakistan-American girl who is a big fan of Captain marvelous. The comics follow this girl as she discovers her own Supernatural ability and names herself Ms. Marvelous after her Idol Captain Marvel. Ever since the popularity of this comic increased, she has been coming into various marvelous series. 

The Unstoppable Wasp By Jeremy Whitley

The comic established a remarkable character Noida Pym, the daughter of Hank Pym. In the comics, she is a scientist much like her father but the only difference is that she has been a prisoner her whole life. When she was set free she joined with the smartest girls in the world trying to change the world.

Silk By Robbie Thompson

The character in this comic is somewhat like this Spider-Man. She is the female vision of Spider-Man and was bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker. She is known as Silk or otherwise as Cindy Moon. This comic reveals the path of difficulties she faces when she gets out of the bunker in which she has been locked for years.

Female Superhero In DC Comics

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Wonder Woman By Brian Azzarello

The most loved female superhero comic character by all the DC fans. Everyone who saw the first Wonder woman movie that came outgrew a major fan base. This comic follows the same story of Diana Prince, princess of Themyscira.

Harleen By Stjepan Šejić

This comic is about Harley Quinn, the infamous girlfriend of Joker, it follows the story where Harley Quinn becomes this unpredictable girl from a normal Psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. 

Batgirl: The Darkest Reflection By Gail Simone

The batgirl is known for her role as the sidekick of Batman. This comic follows the story of Batgirl as an individual as she tries to survive in this Unforgiven world full of foes. 

Impact On Young Generation

These female superhero comics motivate a lot of young children especially girls to be more confident and outcoming in their life. The young girl understands that they are as strong and intelligent as all the boys and they are their own individual person, they do not need to be dependent on anyone. The young girls feel like they can be strong and independent. The female superhero comic leaves an impact on the mind of the young generation, changing their mindset towards more modern thinking.


Over the years these female characters in the comics bring a change in the mind of every female. These characters exhibit feminism and independence among women. These characters also provide entertainment to the audience of every generation.

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