Female Superhero DC Comics That Are A Must-Read

Female Superhero DC Comics

Most enduring and well-known superheroes in cultural history come from DC comics. They have made their mark on the audience for a long time. That is the main reason why DC comics are more famous than others. It has come up with some great superheroes along with female characters in comics. It also has an endless list of female villains who are more powerful than superheroes. However, they have launched several female superhero DC comics as well that you can read.

Must Read Female Superhero DC Comics
Must Read Female Superhero DC Comics

Zatanna – Most-Read Female Superhero Dc Comics

She is the most powerful magician rather than a witch that can create different illusions to hide her powers. Zatanna is genetically powerful instead of acquiring it from other sources. She can use her magic and cast spells for some bigger purposes and to defeat enemies like Parademons or normal tasks without speaking. She is too powerful that if she doesn’t use her power for a long time, her ability gets on increasing. Besides, she also can use foresight and divination, in the comics. It is said that here powers are endless and that she can easily manipulate space and time.

Big Barda

This is another among the most powerful female superhero dc comics and is also known as the new god. Big Barda comes from the same family of Darkseid and has all the genetic powers. Her power offers a great strength that helps her to lift a hundred tons weight easily. She has gone through various types of training that allows her to fight with enemies without any problem. Moreover, her armor known as forged in Apokolisp that makes her attack resistance which is the worst thing for her enemy. She also doesn’t have any negative impact on toxins produced on health.  

Supergirl – One Of The Best Female Superhero Dc Comics

She is also known as the cousin of Superman and has all the powers of her older ones that make her superior from many others. Apart from the ability to face the sun, she also has great strength pretty much the same as Superman has along with great stamina. But the thing is she is not as fast as Superman that makes her weaker from most opponents. She can cover her fault by her strength and fight with opponents without any problem.  

Best Female Superhero DC Comics
Best Female Superhero DC Comics


Some people have underestimated Starfire due to her innocent nature. But the thing is she is one of the most powerful teen Titans and a female superheroThe specialty of her power is that radiation cannot pose any harmful effect on her instead she can absorb it wholly. This indicates that she cannot be harmed anyhow. She also can fly with a great speed that allows her to cross the galaxies in just a few seconds. She can also release a great amount of energy when under fits her rage that levels some cities. This character never gets week due to lack of food, water, rest as her energy is the main source of her heath.


Along with male tremendous DC superheroes, there are some powerful female superheroes as well. They are more powerful than villains. You will be able to see them in several upcoming movies.

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