Female Magician Superheroes in DC Comics

With so many powerful wizards and witches to choose from, the time has come to choose the most powerful magic users in DC Comics. From the most famous of the Amazons, to God’s representative on Earth (when it comes to ass-kicking), here are DC’s most powerful magic-using superheroes.

Wonder Woman

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The reason Wonder Woman ranks so low on this list is due to her reliance on magical items, rather than using magic itself. She wields a magic sword, forged by the god Hephaestus, that can cut through anything. She wears the Aegis of Athena (her bracelets) that can deflect pretty much any attack or projectile, and she possesses the Lariat of Hestia (the Lasso of Truth), that forces anyone bound by it to speak the truth. Wonder Woman’s tiara also has magical properties, as it protects her from telepathic attacks, whilst occasionally acting as a boomerang.

John Constantine

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John Constantine first appeared during Alan Moore’s legendary run on Swamp Thing, where he was portrayed as a wisecracking British magician who was manipulating Swamp Thing into opposing the wicked Brujeria cult. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, the Brujeria cult attempted to destroy reality by restoring the darkness from before existence. With the aid of Constantine, Swamp Thing, Etrigan the Demon, and the Phantom Stranger, the Brujeria were defeated.


Due to the presence of Batman and his extended cast, the city of Gotham doesn’t really need any more costumed superheros. The Bat Family is a pretty widely-known bunch, but did you know that Gotham City actually has its own non-Batman related magical defender known as the Ragman? He is one of only a handful of Jewish superheroes, and is often considered to be a more “street level” equivalent to the Spectre (more on him later).

Jakeem Thunder

In Flash Comics #1 (released in 1940), a new hero was introduced named Johnny Thunder. Unlike most other superpowered good guys, he was just an ordinary man, albeit one who used the power of a Genie named Thunderbolt to fight crime. He would go on to join the original Justice Society of America.


In 2002, DC Comics ran an event known as Power Surge that was intended to introduce a new team of heroes into continuity. This team was known as the Power Company, and they were to be “superheroes for hire”, who would offer their services to the highest bidder. (Sound familiar?) While the team was never popular, a few of the members went on to find success in other titles; as was the case with Witchfire.

Sargon The Sorcerer

Despite looking like Carnac the Magnificent, Sargon the Sorcerer is one of the oldest and most powerful mages in all of DC Comics. In All-American Comics #26 (released in 1941), Sargon the Sorcerer was first introduced. He posed as a stage magician in order to disguise his use of real magic whilst fighting crime. He would also occasionally appear as a villain, depending on the writer (which was retconned into being an effect of the Ruby of Life). In his latest incarnation, the new Sargon has several pieces of the broken Ruby lodged into his chest, which provide him with his power. He later sacrificed himself during the Reign in Hell event, in order to save the lives of Blue Devil and Zatanna.

These are the most powerful female magician superheroes of DC comics.

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