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Without a doubt, Marvel Comics has done it again with Wyatt Earp. A brand new character introduced in the ongoing weekly Marvel comic, Earp is an original from the team of Wolverine and the X-Men. With a new mission and a mysterious connection, he’s about to throw an explosive mid-season crossover event with the X-Men. While most of the characters in the comic have been around for a while, Earp is a fresh face. Here’s a look at his history before he was thrown into the Marvel Universe.

The story kicks off in the first issue where we learn that Wyatt’s father was killed while trying to save his friend and mutant son from a group of terrorists. An arm severed during the fight, ends up embedding itself into Wytq and leaving him with a metal head. Disappointed that their own father died, the X-Men are not on the lookout for any X-Men who use guns (including Wytq who has a gun himself, so he can’t be easily Magneto).

A Mystery


So far this new villain’s motivations are a mystery. He has made a deal with the devil to get the soul of Cable. He’s also got a massive amount of money thanks to Cable’s services, and plans on using the money to fund his terrorist organization. It doesn’t help that his own daughter Cable is the primary target of his ire.

In the second issue, the villain makes himself known by kidnapping Cable’s foster-sister, Madeleine Jockey. The X-Men go after him and Alucard tries to hold them off but fails. He then kidnaps Hope Summers (a teenage X-Man) and threatens to kill her if she gets away. She manages to escape and starts looking for clues leading her to Alucard. But Alucard isn’t after her only target; in the third issue, he has kidnapped Storm, the mother of Scott Summers (future X-Men Scott Summers).

It’s A Classic Story That’s Worth Reading

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He threatens to kill Scott unless he helps him save Storm. The two fight and Alucard knocks Scott out. Scott gets away and goes after Storm, but finds that Alucard has followed her. He teleports himself away just as Storm arrives and attacks her. However, despite his powers, Storm is able to injure Alucard during the fight.

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the X-Men series. I’ve always found Magneto, Cyclops and Jean Grey to be much more interesting. The story lines in this comic book though are very interesting and the art style is just what you would expect from an X-Men title. It’s a classic story that’s worth reading. If you enjoy the X-Men franchise, this might be worth your time.

This One Has Its Own Supporting Cast

Just like any other comic book series, this one has its own supporting cast. There is Erickson, an illusionist working for Hinkle, and John Proudstar as Xavier. These characters interact with Alucard quite often as well as Scott, who is basically the main lead. I don’t think this could be called a bad comic book, but it could be considered average.

It’s a good start to the series for Alucard. He’s a mysterious villain with a strange power. Hopefully the show can continue with more episodes.

Professor X

I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Professor X. I know he hasn’t appeared in a movie, TV series or any form since the original X-Men series. However, there are a lot of references to his existence in the comics. This was actually part of the reason I got so into the comics when they started. I just wanted to read about his adventures.

This is the first part of an ongoing arc called “Wolverine Versus X-Men”. I’m not sure why the writer decided to start this arc at the start of the series. Maybe the audience has gotten used to seeing Professor X in the past and all he wants to do now is to slowly cause chaos and dominate the X-Men. The X-Men themselves will probably be too cautious to help him.

Final Words

Wolverine Versus X-Men is a fun story. I’m not the only one that thinks this either. Lots of people are enjoying this newest story arc. I am not sure if I will like it as much as some others, but it’s worth checking out. I hope I’m right in that regard.

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