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DC Comics Superhero Girl Dolls

dc comics superhero girl dolls

From her day she was a crime fighting heroine and has now settled down in Gotham city. However, her recent past seems to be pushing her towards a more personal route and she has started to date some of the local girls. One of the latest versions of this character is that of the DC comics New Superhero Girl. She is an incredible new addition to the range of DC comic action figures and the exciting stories they have been telling lately.

Look Of This New Take On Catwoman

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The look of this new take on Catwoman is very different from the original. Her latest costume has her in all black with a Harry Dresden look around her. The overall appearance has been improved upon much for the modern girl fan. The way the two of them look has been recreated to ensure an accurate representation.

There are many versions of the original Catwoman. There are the original one from the comics, the New Adventures version and then there is the recent New York series. The New York version features Catwoman’s appearance in the Batcave and is even includes her trademark black and grey sweater and coat. The New York toys come with a large number of different options for your child to enjoy.

The New York City doll also comes with its own play set, which includes a pair of Batman’s gloves. There is also a Gotham city car which can be detached from the body and then the two can be moved around to recreate various scenes from the comics. This is a great way to encourage your child to read the comics and it also gives them a sense of responsibility as they will be playing with something. These are just a few of the things that you can buy as a gift for your youngster.

Catwoman Also Has Her Own Comical Book.

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It’s not as long as the New York comic but it’s still much more than enough to keep any fan amused for hours on end. This collection comes with multiple contributors with some providing much more detailed dialog than you’ll find in any single issue of the comics. You can also buy this collection as a hardcopy book. This is an excellent gift for any comic book lover.


There are also several action figures and a couple of interactive dolls. The action figures feature the most current designs of Catwoman and all of her supporting cast members. They all have different heads, so you can easily identify who they belong to. All of the other dolls are very detailed and well made. DC Collectibles has a full line of these toys along with many others.

Some are far more realistic looking than others. I especially like the New York Dolls since they are a complete unit. The entire set is articulated and you can place them almost anywhere in your home. These toy dolls are extremely lifelike and will hold their heads in such a way that they look just like the real thing. The best thing about them is that they come at a reasonable price and most DC’s Collectibles offers free shipping.

Summing Up

If you love DC comics then there is no better collection than this. No matter what your favorite comic is, or whether you like to collect them or not, these toys are a must have. They will allow you to display all of your DC comics collections without having to worry about them getting damaged. All of your DC comics will be safe. DC Collectibles has a great variety of products available, which means that you should never have a problem finding a product that is just right for your loved ones.

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