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DC Comics Most Famous Gay Superheroes

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Have you ever wondered if your favorite comic book and superhero character of DC Comics have a gay hero? The world of DC comics has been very open for anyone who has a different view on things, including the characters and their sexuality. It is one of the most popular comic books in the United States and many comic stores will have DC comic books in stock for sale. So, if you are interested in reading DC comics, then it is likely that you have at least heard about Batman and Superman.

Batman And Superman – DC Comics Most Famous Gay Superheroes

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In some ways, these two superheros have had to deal with their sexuality over the years. In the early years of comic book creation, they were often thought of as gay because they were romanticized and made into characters like Robin and Batgirl. As time progressed and creative freedom was allowed, more different homosexual superheroes came out. The likes of Poison Ivy and Batgirl have come out while other characters like Aquaman have not. But, DC has always created characters that can be gay in order to allow for interpretation of the character by many differing individuals within the world of comics.

There are numerous gay heroes that DC has created through the years but Batman and Superman are the most popular. People outside of the comic book world have interpreted these characters however, which means there is plenty of room for interpretation as well. This is part of what makes them so great. With so many different interpretations, you have a character for everybody.

Dc Comics Have Always Allowed For The Gay Community To Contribute Constructively

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The writers and editors of DC comics have always allowed for the gay community to contribute constructively to the comic book world. In fact, there are entire issues of comics that tackle the gay rights movement, gay marriage, and the issues that are faced by gay people in general. For example, the infamous Batwoman storyline of the early 1990s dealt with her relationship with Batman. She was a lesbian but was fighting for the rights of women in Gotham City. There were no other gay superheroes at the time and this was an important step for the community.

In terms of movies, DC has produced some really amazing movies that deal with gay heroes in a positive light. They include The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, and Wonder Woman. Many younger viewers love to see these characters because they are portrayed as being gay. One of the most successful of this type of movie is the last Robin movie, which went on to become a franchise. The new Batman and Harley Quinn movie series have also been successful with teens and younger viewers.

The GLBT Community Deals With Batman

One of the most popular comic book storylines that deals with the GLBT community deals with Batman. Although he was once involved with Queenpin, he now has his own personal crime fighting team, the Batgirls. There has been speculation that he may be gay. However, he has never said or implied anything about it. It is up to the reader to assume that if he is, which I think is quite safe to assume.

Most comic book companies have created character checklists to go along with their comic books. If a character has been rumored to be gay, it is often removed from the list of characters. There have even been occasions where gay superheroes have been removed from the comic book world entirely. This is most likely due to the huge amount of controversy that surrounds the topic, but it does not mean that these characters are off the table altogether.

Summing Up

Comic book creator’s often have a lot of trouble deciding on who among their casts of characters they will allow to be gay in the comic book world. One of the biggest questions is whether or not there will be more than one gay character in any given story. With so many different types of characters in any given comic, you are sure to find someone who can fit into the storyline nicely. There have even been attempts to make up fictional characters so that one can have a gay experience in the DC Universe. However, this is often illegal in America and some other countries. It remains to be seen how far comic book companies will go when it comes to including homosexual characters.

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