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DC Comics First Black Superhero

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Have you been a DC Comic fan since you were a kid? If so, there is a good chance that you are dying to know what the new superheroes will be. Well, I have good news for you. The new DC comics will be hitting the shelves very soon and I want to give you a little information about each one.

The List Of Prominent Superheroes

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The first is called “Batwoman”. She will be a crazy and moody black Batwoman that was revealed to be one of Batman’s villains. This is the first Black Female Superhero that we have ever seen in the DC Universe. It was written by Frank Miller and is expected to hit the shelves in September. You can look for it in some of your favorite stores in the comic book section. The final cover for “Batwoman” has not been revealed but it will be worth checking out.

Next is “The Kane” written by Greg Rucka and penciled by Bill Atkinson. The story centers around an aging Batman who finds himself running against a super-villain known as the Joker. This is a huge step up from the older Batman comic books and will be an exciting journey for the character.

The third is “The Brave and the Bold” written by Stephen Byrne and drawn by Bill Finger. The story takes place after the events of “The Dark Knight”. It is based around the first Batman super hero movie. In this book, we get to see the beginnings of the Dynamic Duo, including what makes Bruce Wayne a billionaire. It will definitely be a must read for any Batman fan.

The fourth is “Ends of the Earth”, written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Joe Bennett. The story is centered around an alternate future version of our earth where nothing ever really changes. This is a crazy concept that makes this comic must read. Superheroes never seem to change and it would just be amazing if they did. DC has done a great job of building up their universe to introduce new titles each year so you will always have plenty to keep your eyes peeled for.

Other Comics Written By DC Comics Writers

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There are many more great comics that are written by DC Comics top writers and artists such as: James Robinson, Dennis Hopkin, Bob Kane, Greg Capullo, Paul Neary, Tomahawk, Tim Seeley, and a few more. All of these writers and artists have created some of my favorite super hero comic’s including some that you probably haven’t read like “DC Universe Superstar” and “The Phantom.” If you haven’t started reading these fantastic comic’s then you need to start right now.

In The End

Reading about all the great black superheros that DC has created over the years has made me a super fan of them. I feel very honored to be a DC fan and to see all of their great black and white comics. My favorite thing to do when I’m bored at work is to flip through a DC comic. These comic books have an amazing dynamic between the heroes and the villains that really make you invest in the world that these characters live in. So, even if you never own a DC comic book you can still be a super fan by flipping through a couple of them. Who knows, you may just become a super fan of DC in the future.

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