DC Comic’s First Black Female Superhero

dc comics first black female superhero

In the latest DC comic released, “Gotham City Rebirth” written by DC comics co-publisher Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee is the first black female superhero in the history of the comic industry. In this new continuity, an unknown terrorist organization called the Joker has taken over the city and is raising an army of super-criminals. The only person that can stop them is the new super hero called ” Batman ” Robin ” known as ” Nightwing “. In order to defeat this dangerous new villain, the Dynamic Duo will have to work alongside the newest member of the team, the future Batgirl, and take on a never ending war against evil.

An Overview

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Throughout history, the characters of ” Batman ” Robin ” have always been the leaders of their respective sides in battle. With the introduction of “DC Universe” though, we see that this dynamic duo are no longer the leaders, but are actually partners working together to save the world. In this new version, the first black superhero is featured in the main title role, which makes her debut in this new comic book series. With some success from previous comic book versions, “Gotham City” gives us a super hero that all of us can feel good about.

In the past, superheroes were usually just men who wore costumes made for hitting each other with big sticks. Now we have a black woman flying through the streets of “Gotham City” dressed in a Batgirl suit. She carries a gun that can shoot energy blasts. This new Batgirl is called Batgirlagirl and she is the first black superhero that has been featured in a major comic book series.

DC Comics First Black Female Superhero

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Throughout “Gotham City” we watch the lives of this new Batgirl, including her battles with the Joker, her relationship with Batman, and her new life with a young orphan named Rachel Dawes. We also see bat villains such as Two-Face and Two Hour Man torturing Rachel. Rachel is also learning that she has super hero abilities but is still quite shy around people. Her best friend is a boy named Oliver Queen, who is also a powerful crime-fighting superhero.

The world of “DC Comics” has always featured powerful, emotionally disturbed black women as its primary characters. In fact, all over the comic world we see black women as the primary fighters and leads, while they are also powerful, strong leaders as well. In many of DC comics’ early books, we had black women as the leads or romantic leads, such as Jean Grey, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman. In the past, we didn’t have many black women as the main characters, although some were featured in minor supporting roles. “Batgirl” is the first black female superhero in any published comic book series that I know of.

“Batgirl” follows the life of Barbara Gordon, who has become a wanted fugitive after getting framed for murder. She has just learned that she has been featured in the newspaper and is being sought by two different vigilantes. One of the villains wants her to work for him, while the other wants her to join his club. She has also just lost her girlfriend, Rachel Dawes, whom she had saved since they were teens. Rachel’s own abusive past comes back to haunt her, when a street hustler tries to kill her family. This leads Barbara to learn that she has super hero strength, which she uses to save her friends, but also to fight against the villains.

I’m not going to lie to you, I was very excited about this comic. I had read the previous “Batgirl” comic where she was also a crime fighting super hero. I thought this version of Barbara Gordon was a great take on the character. This first black female superhero comic captured my interest from start to finish. The storyline kept me interested throughout, it kept my mind on the main story, and it kept my eyes glued to the every action that was occurring.

Bottom Line

Overall this is a great book to add to your DC collection. It provides a great character development, a great storyline, and a story that will appeal to just about every reader. If you are looking for a good “Black and gray” story, this is the comic for you. I would recommend this to people who have a love of superheroes and to those who want to see a black female superhero in a popular comic book. This first black female super hero comic was truly created as an excellent read.

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