DC Comics Character List- Popular Characters Of DC Comics

DC Comics is an eighty-six years old comic book publisher in America. Founded by Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson, the house published its first-ever comic in 1934. From then on, the publishing house has given us a bunch of superheroes and supervillains that help us to create a DC Comics character list. Well, the list could be very long, so I’ve made one with the most popular DC Comic characters.

Superman- DC Comics Character List

This superhero is still on his adventurous journey, as it is an ongoing series since its inception in the year 1938. Action Comics featured the character for the first time in that year. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman’s persona was crowned with the title of World’s Greatest Adventure Strip Character. A natural cataclysm destroyed his own planet Krypton, but his parents sent him to earth right before the destruction. Founded and raised by a farmer couple in Smallville, America, Clark Kent AKA Superman has superhuman strength and powers. His parents asked him to serve for the earth’s protection and well being. So he is still fulfilling his responsibilities by fighting against the odds in society and winning our hearts.

DC Comics Character List- Popular Characters Of DC Comics
DC Comics Character List- Popular Characters Of DC Comics

Batman– DC Comics Character List

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, DC Comics introduced Batman in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. We also hail this character as the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, and the World’s Greatest Detective. Batman uses to be a nightmare for the criminals in the fictional Gotham City. He doesn’t possess any supernatural power, but he has immense intellectual power along with the training in martial arts. He is a wealthy man with a civilized identity named Bruce Wayne, who is determined to fight against the criminals in his city. So his appearance looks like a bat to create and spread terror among the criminals.

Shazam- DC Comics Character List

The next one on the DC Comics character list is Shazam or initially popular as Captain Marvel. Bill Parker and C. C. Beck created this character for Fawcett Comics in the 1940s. Shazam was an ancient wizard who empowered young Billy Batson to turn into Captain Marvel. However, there were some conflicts between DC Comics and Marvel Comics regarding the name Captain Marvel, and in 2012 DC Comics named the character as Shazam. Director David F. Sandberg directed the film Shazam! in 2019.

DC Comics Character List- Popular Characters Of DC Comics
DC Comics Character List- Popular Characters Of DC Comics

Wonder Woman- Justice League

Well, DC Comics have numerous female superheroes who gained humongous popularity over the time. Wonder Woman is a vital founding member of the Justice League, and she appeared for the first time in All Star Comics, 1941. During the initial days of the portrayal of this character, the creators introduced her as a sculpted daughter of Queen Hippolyta. She has enormous supernatural powers gifted by god. However, in recent editions, the creators have portrayed her as the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. Eventually, the plots and the portrayal of the character changed with time, where she lost or regained some of her powers.

To know the entire DC Comics character list, one article is not enough. There are so many of them left out that need to be included here. We will discuss them some other time.

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