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Collecting comics characters -superhero or otherwise is a hobby enjoyed by millions. As a child I remember my father reading comics and having his comic books delivered to our home on a regular basis. Today comics are everywhere from supermarkets to the latest superhero movie coming out. Comic books are one of the most popular collectible items and can be a fun family activity.

An Overview

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Comics are not the only source of popular characters though. Film and television have created some of the most popular characters too. Batman is a classic example of this as he battles evil villains and solves problems. Superman, on the other hand, is a more recent and modern comic book hero and is a fan favorite. There are countless examples of comic book and film characters. Superman is an example of the blend of film and comic book characters as he is an alien who possesses special powers and is known for his strength, although he is quite weak compared to other superheros.

Spiderman is another popular comic book and film character. He is an archer in modern day Spiderman comics. Other comic book and film superheroes are X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Batman. These are just a few of the comic book and film characters that are collected today. The popularity of these superheros is at an all time high, which is probably a good thing because they have proven to be entertaining for decades and have entertained children and adults for decades.

Graphic Novels

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One of the oldest forms of comic books are called graphic novels. They are collections of pages with dialogue which can be read like a comic book and contain images that are meant to illustrate the story. Many famous comic book and animated characters have made it into these types of books. DC comic characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are at the top of the list when it comes to the most collected comic book heroes of all time.

Some superheros have gained iconic status. The Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider, and The X-Men are examples of this. Some superheros are so popular that their popularity has spun off into a lucrative home business opportunity for people who collect them. Comic book collecting is a hobby that is extremely popular among countless individuals interested in comics.

A comic book or graphic novel collection is easy to organize. There is a specific way to store comics. All comic books should be stored in book cases designed for this purpose. Some readers are not strong enough to hold a large number of comics while others will break down quickly due to the weight of the comics.

Display Collection Well

There are many different ways to display your collection of comics. Comic book sleeves, bins, and towers are just some of the many storage options available. Comic books should be stored with multiple covers. This allows the readers to flip through various issues quickly to find the right one. Bins and towers are useful storage devices for keeping several comics in one location.

Collecting comics is a fun pastime and a great outlet for creativity. Whether you are a devoted fan of comic book characters or just looking for a new hobby, there is a collection for you. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can start your own superhero’s gallery. And when you stop feeling the excitement, you will be glad that you decided to start collecting comics.

Go Online

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you are browsing through Marvel comics online at the comforts of home. But there are things that you should remember to keep your comics collection from taking over your life! First, if you have more than fifty comics in your collection, make sure you have a safe place to store them all. Comic books are expensive. Even when you buy them from a website that offers free shipping, it is still an investment!

Keep your comics in a location where they will be safe and secure. If you plan on displaying your comics at home, you might consider having them in a decorative bookcase or on a shelf inside your living room. A decorative bookcase will protect your comics from dust and ensure that they are well protected. Another option would be to store your comics in a tower. A tower will provide convenient storage for your comics while keeping them off the floor and away from children.


When browsing through different websites to find the perfect superheros for your collection, keep in mind that the type of hero you choose may change how you collect them. Some comic book collectors enjoy characters such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. These three heroes represent classic superheros and are great additions to any comic book collection.

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