Become A Comic Artist

A comic artist’s career choice is very lucrative. The world loves to read comic books, graphic novels, anime, and manga stories. The number of comic lovers is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Comic book artists are always in high demand. To become a successful artist, you need to have the skill to draw cartoon characters. If you love reading comic books like The Hulk, Tank Girl, or such others, then this career option is definitely for you.

Requirements To Become A Comic Book Artist

Learn The Basics Of Comic Book Art

The demand for comic books is the highest currently. A comic artist is required to produce work in comic form. They may produce the entire story of just a snippet. They convey everyday trends, daily situations in their made-up worlds. Sometimes, an entire team is involved in the creation of a comic. The teamwork is also sometimes divided in which one artist may just create the key figures, while the others create the background. The writers just write the script. There is a lot of competition in comic books careers currently, and one needs to have exceptional imaginative skills to succeed. You may need to start with an entry-level job at a publishing company.

Become A Comic Book Artist
Become A Comic Book Artist

Learn The Essential Skills To Succeed

To become a comic book artist, you will need to learn certain essential skills. The most important skill is to have the ability and natural talent for drawing following a concept. You need to have creativity, imagination, drawing, and interpersonal skills. Many comic books today are generated digitally. The artists must know different graphic software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Mac’s Made with Mischief, and some others. You need to first start drawing sketches with a pencil on paper. For that, you need to own pencils from 6H to 2B. You should know how to draw the human body accurately and also how to make cartoon forms of the human body. Your skills should be such that you can make your characters look believable.

Build A Strong Portfolio

An important talent for any comic book artist is to create a strong portfolio and website. The success of your career depends upon the variety of artwork you have to showcase to your client or company. You need to show that you, as a comic book artist, can draw in various styles consistently. Your story should be appealing only through your hand-drawn images on paper. Next, you can proceed to create your own brand or character. This may take a lot of time, as you need to come up with something unique. You can start your career by posting your work online as a Freelancer on sites like Upwork or Guru.

Become A Comic Book Artist
Become A Comic Book Artist

The above-mentioned are some of the various tips you need to get started as a comic book artist. Once your work picks up in Freelancing sites, you can move ahead to create your own brand and company. If you work for a publishing house or an animated company, you can gain experience for a few years and then start on your own.

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