Comic Book Female Superhero- Strongest Female Superheroes - Comic Book Female Superhero- Strongest Female Superheroes -

Comic Book Female Superhero- Strongest Female Superheroes

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Loads of leading ladies have come from Marvel and DC Comics. We rank the 10 most powerful female superheroes. To the wondrous woman from Jessica Jones and more!

If characters in comic books speak of the greatest superheroes, titles such as Superman, The Hulk, and Thor are on the top of the list. For whatever reasons, while some of these men are brave enough to stand up with a male hero or villain in the war, the female protagonists in comic books do not have any credit for them.

Jessica Jones

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During an explosion that also cost her family lives, Jessica Jones was exposed to toxic substances as a child. She went to an adopted home in a coma after the crash and discovered that the chemicals provided her superhuman strength and endurance.

Jessica Jones has never demonstrated the highest degree of strength when it comes to her strength, but she has lifted a patrol car and threw it into the pit of a metal hood, and knocked a rooted tree. Her power has reached a lifting capacity of at least two tonnes.

Molly Hayes

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Molly Hayes, who should be recognized by Runways viewers, is the least established character on this list. Her parents became telepaths in the comics and checked her on the x-gene at birth. Initially known as Bruiser, Molly was also a mutant and she was super strong and invulnerable.

Its forces are also not established at the upper limit. She has thrown giant monsters down as tall as a castle, stuck in the firm ground to dig a tunnel, and thrown a van. She struck Wolverine so too hard that he went across the street. Its highest comic strength is up to 25 tonnes, but it can lift up further at an older time.


Jumping to DC, Mera is like Aquaman, except for one principal cause might be a little heavier. She had her whole childhood underwater while he lived as a boy on the shore. That ensures she has more than 1000 lbs of pressure per square inch to create super-strength depending on how tough it is to live in ocean depths.

Thus, at least 70 tonnes can be lifted by Mera. The thickness of the creature’s skull is also powerful enough to break with just one blow. And though she’s on the ground, she can quickly rub the metal doors by snatching the human’s arm with little pressure.


Delilah Dearborn, also known as Geiger, is the only character on the roster of hardcore Marvel fans. It is because their power depends on connections to Doc Samson of the Incredible Hulk comic books that their presence looks a little familiar.

A Particle Accelerator hit Dearborn and finally allowed her to replicate the powers of every near gamma-powered person. For hours, she can retain her abilities, and she can end up with his infinite force if she’s next to Hulk. Nevertheless, she is usually a Class 75 (70 tonnes), as she is carrying some of her hair from Doc Samson to maintain its weight.


There are powerful female heroes in Marvel and DC, and all of those heroes are powerful enough to throw a tank, crumble or move a globe. Although there are very few peaks in this upper range, they follow their male counterparts equally, at least.

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