The Best Superhero Comics Of The Nineties

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There were many superhero comics written in the nineties. Some of them were the best superhero comics that are still read and enjoyed even today. Movies were also made on these comics. These were thrilling and exciting to read for children as well as adults. The best superhero comics of the nineties are mentioned below:

Best Superhero Comics


By Yehudi Mercado, these comics revolve around the character Wax. He is a young mixmaster who used to live in Brooklyn in the 80s. He is a very talented person and also very good at whatever he does. But once, he caught the perfect beat, that caught the attention of robots from planet Discopia. This resulted in the abduction of all his family members and his crush. All of them must learn the intergalactic musical martial art of Sc-Fu if they want to save themselves. This is one of the most intriguing comics where traditional style music meets old science fiction.

The Best Superhero Comics Of The Nineties
The Best Superhero Comics Of The Nineties

Grant Morrison’s JLA

Written in the late nineties, this is one of the best superhero comics. Batman manages to deliver the most damage to Darkseid living in the alternate world. This superhero even managed to hijack Desaad’s body. Batman survives being underestimated by the alien invaders. Batsman figures out that walking up from their dreams might be a very bag thing. This is a thrilling comic book and will have you glued to your seat till the very end.

J.M. deMatteis’ Spider-Man

One of the best superhero comics from the nineties was the J.M. DeMatteis. This book is about an era that was thought of as the worst one. One of the comics was the Amazing Spider-Man #400 which brought an amazing cloning story. Aunty May’s death was proven to be a hoax call as she was cloned. The Spectacular Spider-Man #200 is even more striking. It is a story of the death of Harry Osborn and some characters around him. This book is very engaging and tense. It is one of the best superhero comics of the nineties.


The comics of the early 90’s were very homogenous and arty. In one of these comic books, Alex Ross becomes the biggest and the most famous start in the field. Marvel comics were the perfect books for his style of writing. The Hulk, Deadpool, Wolverine, X-Men, Silver surfer were some of the gems published in those years. These are enjoyed by readers even today. Comic books in the nineties are remembered even today because of their heavy substance and quality. Their reputation is well-earned. Spider-Man books like “Maximum Carnage”, “Acts of Vengeance”, “Ghost Riders”, and “Rise of the Midnight Sons” were some of the amazing books written at that time. These were very popular at that time. This does not mean that they were the best.

The Best Superhero Comics Of The Nineties
The Best Superhero Comics Of The Nineties

So, these were some of the best superhero comics of the nineties. This was an era when new concepts like those of intergalactic universe, cloning, Roberts, etc were just introduced and hence they had quite a fan following.

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