Best Marvel Games That You Can Play On Your Android

There is no doubt that MCU is quite popular. It has released a lot of movies, TV series and Marvel games as well. In general, until now, all the films have performed well. Besides, Marvel’s TV shows are also quite popular among people. Well, it can be said that there are not many good games from Marvel. Some are cash grabs, and other games are iterative of someone’s else property. But there are still some games that you will like to play. So, let’s have a look into those games.  

List Of Some Top Marvel Games For Your Device

Top Best Marvel Games That You Can Play On Your Android Smartphone
Top Best Marvel Games That You Can Play On Your Android Smartphone

Contest Of Champions

When it comes to some most popular Marvel Games, Contest of Champions will come in the top of the list, which is an obvious thing. In detail, it is a character-collecting title. So, here, your goal will be to collect Marvel heroes as many as you can. Then you will have to use them against the bad guys.

Moreover, the game also comes equipped with light fighter game mechanics, some campaign modes, and you can even play in multiplayer mode. You can easily learn how to play the game. However, the combat machine performs little slow but is decent. So, download now and enjoy the game.

Future Fight Marvel Games

Another quite popular Marvel game is Future Fight. In detail, this is a role-playing action game. Here you will have to collect different superheroes as well as villains. Then you will have to upgrade them to increase their power and fight with the villain. This game is quite decent, and you will enjoy it. But there is some stuff that you can purchase by spending some money. However, if you can wait, then go with the freemium thing.

Top Best Marvel Games That You Can Play On Your Android Smartphone
Top Best Marvel Games That You Can Play On Your Android Smartphone

Spider-Man Marvel Games

With the association with Gameloft, Marvel has introduced some Spider-Man games. They have released three games such as Spider-Man unlimited, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Furthermore, the games are free, and you can download the games from the Google Play Store. Besides, all are the action-adventure game, and you will love to have these on your smartphone.

Marvel Puzzles Quest

One of the most popular Marvel Games on Play Store is Puzzle Quest. In detail, the game come with different variants, for example, Adventure time, the gathering and the magic. You will have to match different symbols together for combat damage. Besides, the game is free of cost and very simple to play. You can use this a great time killer.

Marvel Strike Force

Are you looking for some new Marvel games? Then Marvel Strike Force is there for you. Here you collect your favorite heroes and villains and then fight with bad guys. Besides, it also has mobile RPG mechanics, and you will see good quality graphics. Some players have stated that this is just like the Marvel Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Remember that the freemium elements are quite limited. But you will find the game very interesting.

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