Best Female Superheroes and Villains in the world

Female Comic Superheroes and Villains

Metadata: There are children and some adults. Comic books represent a great way to have fun. Comic books with female characters have become a sensation over the years. The growth of the Marvel cinematic universe and DC have made comic superheroes more popular.

There are plenty of comic books with female characters as a lead. These comic books introduced us to our list of female superheroes and their villains. Some of these books have the female superhero fighting the villains, while there are somewhere both the superhero and the villain combine forces to fight the bad guys.

In this article, we shall provide you with a list of our favorite female superheroes and villains. If you are ready? Let me find out together.

Black Window

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She is a Russian spy who worked for the Russian government during the cold war. However, she later became an assassin. Her full name is Natasha Romanoff. She is a great martial artist and a sniper.

Black widow is a member of the Avengers and a freelance agent who works mostly for S.H.E.L.D. She has long red hair and always appears in a black costume with a wristband capable of shooting darts. After the cold war, the Russian government tried to assassinate her but failed. Marvel cinematic universe will release a movie about the black widow in 2021.

Wonder woman

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Wonder woman is a member of the Justice League. Her full name is Diane Prince. She was introduced to us for the first time in All-Star Comics of 1941. The character was created by William Moulton, a book writer and psychologist.

She is an Amazon princess who is a daughter of Zeus and lives on the Amazon island. She has superhuman strength given to her by Zeus, the king of the Gods. She is one of the most popular female characters in the world at the moment.

A movie about the wonder woman was released to the public in 2017 by the DC universe. The movie brought great popularity to the character. The second part of her movie will be in the cinema later this year.

Harley Quinn

She is the first villain on our list. She is a former psychologist turned thief. She is among the most popular DC villains.

We saw her first in the Batman series. She is formerly Joker’s sidekick, but now on her own after the death of the joker. One thing you have to know about Harley Quinn is she is unpredictable.

She often appears in a black and red costume. Her look was updated in 2011. She appears in blond hair with blue dip dye on the left side with a pink dip dye on the right.


The first Catwoman was introduced in the Batman series of 1940. The first character was lead by Selina Kyle. She is a burglar in Gotham City.

She is one of the most popular supervillains in comic history. Initially, she never wore a disguise, but gradually she wore a mask and catsuit alongside boots. Currently, she appears in a black costume with openings at her arms and shoulders.

There are plenty of adaptations of Catwoman in movies too. She is one of the most stylish characters in comic history.


Storm is a member of the X-Men. The character was created by writer Len Wein and was seen for the first time in 1975. She has the superhuman ability to control the weather.

She can alter the atmosphere whenever she wants. Hence the reason is among the most powerful superheroes. She is from Kenya, and her full name is Pro Munroe.

She is a princess-like wonder woman. She was formerly a pickpocket before joining the X-Men.


Reading comics about superheroes and villains is among the favourite activities of children. However, some adults enjoy comics too. Nowadays, most of these comic superheroes and villains are seen in movies.

The list we presented to you today is all about the females. Female Superheroes and villains bring balance to comic stories.

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