A Guide To DIY Superhero Costumes For Your Kids

A Guide To DIY Superhero Costumes For Your Kids

Getting superhero costumes is every kid’s dream. With the cape around the neck, one feels the sense of doing justice around. I personally felt, that with a cape around I  can do great good to the needy out there.  A sense of accomplishment is what I genuinely felt. 

The kids these days are quite smarter. And with great exposure to media science, your kids know what the shoulder of superheroes bears. Therefore as an adult, it is our duty to gift the future generation the feeling of being a superhero. But how? The best gift would be preparing a superhero costume for them.

Do not wait for Halloween to come. Take your time and observe what your kids aspire to be. Then bring in all the material to create a wonderful costume to bring a smile on your baby’s face. I bet it would make your day as well. So, why wait, let us get to the steps to learn in detail about the superhero costume preparation.

A Guide To DIY Superhero Costumes For Your Kids
A Guide To DIY Superhero Costumes For Your Kids

Superhero Costumes: DIY Ant-Man Costume For Your Kid

Going for ant-man was a bit off from the common preference. I have seen little girl dressing as Wonder Women. Other dressing as Supergirl. However, I observed that my baby fascinates Ant-man. I did not ask any questions regarding the preference. I simply started my plans concerning the same.

Well, to be honest preparing the costume was a bit tricky especially the helmet. Although you need to work hard, still it is fun.

For the pants, I grabbed a pair of Superman pajamas. Then I looked for a perfect top, which luckily was found in the girl section. After that, I check out some blue boxers. However, I was pretty confused about the harness portion of the costume. So, I ended up taking felt, black ribbon and Heat & Bond.

I used up the spool of black ribbon as a stencil to cut a circle from felt. After that, I ironed Heat & Bond at the back of the circle. Then I sued the ribbon at the center of the shirt to make the belt. I also used the strips from Heat & Bond to add details to the top. Then I sewed the ribbons to the top to make it sit strong.

I worked on the other material as per Ant-man dresses. Now the helmet. For the helmet, I bought in the space helmet from a toy store. And to make the antennas, I used the bottle cleaners. I applied hot glue to bring a shape to the antennas. Then spray painted the whole stuff to get the perfect result. Using a duct tape I attached the antennas to the helmet. It was great actually since my baby girl never stopped smiling that day. I was happy.

Superhero Costumes: Spiderman Costume To Opt For

Since we are talking about costumes here I thought of introducing you to this wonderful Spiderman costume. It is a lycra fabric dress that is elastic to the body and bit shiny to look at. You can simply wash it under a machine but make sure to wash it in cold water. Additionally, you can fold it up and store it. Or you could hold it on your wardrobe. This long-lasting dress would serve most of your costume parties.

A Guide To DIY Superhero Costumes For Your Kids
A Guide To DIY Superhero Costumes For Your Kids


This DIY Antman dress is very easy to make. I used a great yet simple process to make this costume. I hope you do the same and end up creating a masterpiece to amuse your kids.

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