A Guide To Captain Marvel? Let’s Find Out

A Guide To Captain Marvel? Let’s Find Out

When Nick Furry sent out the signal via pager, I was wondering who it could be? Once I saw the symbol, just then I heard the crowd in the theatre shouting out loud ‘Captain Marvel is here’. I asked my friend sitting next to me, who is this Captain Marvel? He said he will let me know once we get back home.

However, I was the one who learned in brief regarding this powerful character before sleeping that night. I was shocked to find out that this is one of the most powerful characters written in Marvel Universe. Though there was no movie. However, the issue was soon solved with the release of the blockbuster hit ‘Captain Marvel’.

I am here to let you know about this marvelous character, in brief, that would positively offer vivid information regarding the same. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s find out more.

A Guide To Captain Marvel? Let’s Find Out
A Guide To Captain Marvel? Let’s Find Out

Captain Marvel And Intro To The Character

Captain Marvel surprisingly, is the name of several superheroes that Marvel launched. And the majority of the characters reign in the main shared universe, which is, by the way, is the Marvel Universe. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Brie Larson amazingly played the character of Captain Marvel, thus winning the hearts of the audience.

Moving On With The Publication History

Controversy regarding this character arose between DC Universe and Fawcett’s Comics. Fawcett’s comics were sued by DC because the character portrayal of Captain Marvel in Fawcett’s comic resembles that of Superman. Therefore, the latter dismissed publication of more of this character by 1953. And in 1960, people showed lots of enthusiasm regarding this superb character thus offering it a position with the release of its first series in Marvel Universe.

More Into The Topic

The first character design came out from the brilliant hands of Stan Lee along with Gene Colan. This original captain marvel is an alien military officer and goes by the name, Capital Mar-Vell. He works under Kree Imperial Militia. They assigned the task of observing the whereabouts of planet Earth to him. Also, traveling all across space was a new technology during that time.

However, gradually Mar-Vell leaves off his malicious intent and agrees to Allie with earth, thus, becoming a traitor under the Kree Empire. From this instant, Mar-Vell constantly fights with the threats approaching earth.

A Guide To Captain Marvel? Let’s Find Out
A Guide To Captain Marvel? Let’s Find Out

Carol Danvers As Captain Marvel

In 2012, Carol Danvers finally took over the character Captain Marvel in the ongoing series by Kelly Sue DeConnick. In this storyline, Carol dons a jumpsuit and goes into a journey to explore and know about the past. According to DeConnick at WonderCon 2012, she stated that the primary theme of this storyline would depict as ‘Carol as Chuck Yeager.’

As per her other opinions, this background will add a compliment to Captain Marvel’s legends. This story would also feature her excellence in wielding the role while the rest of the Marvel characters reacting to the thought.


The Marvel Universe is massive to pack up in this small article. However, I summed up pretty much regarding the character stating the first and recent development of the role. Hope this interests you in finding out what lies beyond this line.

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