A Detailed Account Of Isekai Mangas

Isekai Mangas Account

What is an Isekai Manga

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Isekai Mangas are Japanese or Western comics that take place in the fantasy worlds that the storylines usually revolve around.

The Origin of the Word “Isekai”

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The Japanese term “Isekai” is translated in English as “another world”. The word has evolved over time to have a variety of meanings, but this is the literal definition.

Possible etymological origins for the word are rooted in either the term “Kaisei-eki” which means “different world”, or the term “Ishoku Sekai” which translates to mean “the human society.” Quite simply, both phrases are translated to mean an alternate reality or being out of place in another dimension.

Examples of Isekai Mangas

One of the best mangas with an Isekai premise is Naruto. This manga follows a young ninja called Naruto Uzumaki who has always been shunned by everyone in his village. On one fateful day, Naruto has an encounter with a strange creature that merges with him, changing his life forever. The Isekai theme kicks in when the series focuses on Naruto’s quest to find powerful items known as ‘dungeons’. Upon getting these dungeons, he needs to become strong enough to defeat the demon that is set out to destroy the world.

Another example of an Isekai genre is Sword Art Online. This manga follows protagonist Kazuto Kirigaya after he gets held captive in the virtual reality game called Sword Art Online. The game tends to have a 100% success rate in killing players who are sent to the realm of the game by attaching a device directly to their brain. In order for Kazuto Kirigaya to escape from this virtual reality world, he must become one of the best players called ‘The Beaters’.

These two examples show that Isekai manga features characters or central figures that find themselves transported into an alternate universe different from their own. In both these scenarios, you can notice how the main character has been forced out of his comfort zone and is now under constant scrutiny from other people because of it. This makes for a compelling narrative since there’s a certain element of mystery shrouding over the main characters’ origins and how they arrived at their current situation.

The success of Isekai manga rests upon the main character’s ability to adapt to this new world that they’ve woken up in, and still find a way back home (if that exists). We at Anime Evo believe that there are several more hidden gems out there waiting for you to discover them, so go read some!

Why People Love Isekai Mangas

There are many reasons why people love isekai mangas. Some of the reasons include the following:

1. Isekai mangas are always full of surprises.

2. Isekai mangas are always exciting to read.

3. Isekai manga always have interesting characters.

4. Isekai mangas are always full of action.

5. Isekai manga always have beautiful illustrations/artwork.

There are also many more reasons why people love isekai manga but the above reasons are some of the most common ones. Feel free to add your own reason in the comments section below if you feel inclined (but please try not to be too long-winded). For now, let’s focus on what this article is all about…which is looking at some of the very popular isekai mangas released recently.


At the end of the day, we want to be able to provide you with a detailed account of what an Isekai is and how it affects our lives. As long as there are anime and manga enthusiasts out there in this world, these types of stories will never go away!

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