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7 Marvel Characters That Can Change The Fate Of MCU

Marvel consists of many characters. It took nine years and more to bring out at least some of the Marvel characters to life. Characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and some more important characters are already in the play. Some of the powerful characters are still not yet introduced to the MCU. The history of Marvel comics has great powerful heroes hidden. In this article, you will know about seven(7) unseen superheroes of Marvel.

1. Nova – Marvel Characters

We can expect Nova to be seen in MCU movies someday sooner. Intro to Nova Corps is in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie. The character of Nova is a space cop who looks after the threats in space. He gets his power from his helmet. Nova is expected to fight along with the Avengers or the Guardians.

Six Marvel Characters That Can Change The Fate Of MCU
Six Marvel Characters That Can Change The Fate Of MCU

2. Skaar

Skaar is the son of the Hulk. Hulk is unknown to having a son up in space. The mother of Skaar is an alien queen who was wife to Hulk. Skaar fought several wars to go to Earth and kill Hulk. When he comes to Earth, he finds Hulk to be calm and opposite of what he has heard. Skaar then stays on Earth to help Avengers depending upon his mood.

3. Fantomex

Fantomex is a jewel thief with handguns. It sounds simple as most of the cases he deals; he does it with a couple of guns. Some super skills are that he has a regenerative healing power same as of the Wolverine. Wolverine and Fantomex share the same anger habits.

4. Ares

The son of Zeus is a god along with Thor. Ares was initially known to be the greatest enemy of Thor. Therefore, the God of Thunder vs the God of War would have been a pleasure watch. Ares can eventually be a good avenger so MCU might not focus on making him a villain.

5. Scarlet Spider – Marvel Characters

Six Marvel Characters That Can Change The Fate Of MCU
Six Marvel Characters That Can Change The Fate Of MCU

Spiderman is the most lovable amongst all the Marvel characters. Spiderman in the Civil War made the fans go crazy. Meanwhile, In comics, Spiderman has a cloned cousin Ben Reilly. MCU villain Jackal tried to clone Peter Parker, and Ben Reilly became the first subject. Ben Reilly has no memory of being cloned and started to fight crimes in the name of Scarlet Spider.

6. Sentry – Marvel Characters

If Sentry ever comes to MCU, he is going to surpass all great Marvel characters. He has undergone training with the Avengers and got his powers to do good to people. Sentry will eventually team up with Hulk and Spiderman to save Earth.

7. Moon Knight

Logan and Deadpool got the windows open for more R-rated movies by Marvel. It will eventually lead the fans to see Moon Knight. However, Moon Knight is an evil soldier commanding the Special Forces. He is a mercenary with some super skills. Though, e chose to become an anti-hero and kill the villains and scums.

These are some of the Marvel characters that are yet to be seen in MCU, and If you are a die-hard fan, then keep hoping to see these heroes live in action.

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