5 Of The Most Interesting Superhero Comic Book Covers

Superhero Comic Book Covers

In the 90s, the favorite time pass of kids was comics. They preferred reading the best comic books. The ones with the great comic cover caught their attention. Not much has changed. Today, superhero comic books are popular among kids as well as youth. Those who do not know much likely to go with the ones with interesting superhero comic book covers.

The Punisher War Journal Has The Best Superhero Comic Book Covers

This was the most famous and extreme top covers among all the superhero comic book covers that had Punisher with the surprisingly deep water fear. There were many things to love about it, mainly the Punisher’s idea on the jet ski is the most hilarious. The cover page also showed the gigantic gun that punisher toting and firing from a jetski. It was the most amazing and finest work from Jim Lee. The caption that was written on the top was also fascinating. The caption forced the readers to read the book.

Interesting Superhero Comic Book Covers
Interesting Superhero Comic Book Covers

Second Most Popular Superhero Comic Book Covers Were Thunderstrike

It was also the most amazing 90’s superhero comic book covers by the hypothetical burns school of advertisement. Its cover had the greatest idea about how the cover blurbs function. Its caption was the most attractive that said superheroes will never die and also proved those people wrong who thought superheroes are dead. The caption makes this most seller comic. The caption will make you excited to know more about the book.

Uncanny X- Men

When we talk about the ’90s, then uncanny X- men were the excessively read comic and most loved comic cover. Its cover was the perfect combination of seriousness and tragic incidents. The caption of the uncanny X-men comic made the readers confused and it forced them to read more. The cover will intend you to buy more X- title comic book. 

Animal Man

All the covers in the ’90s were not only just about X- title and jetski. Some of the comic covers featured incredible innovation and the best example of this was the animal man. Animal man comic book was launched by the super writer Grant Morrison. The comic cover by Brian Bolland was great and interesting. This cover elevated the career of the superb writer Grant Morrison. 

Best Superhero Comic Book Covers
Best Superhero Comic Book Covers

Some Other Best Superhero Comic Book Covers

The cover of the comic New Gods was very interesting. It was written by the king of the cover blurb, Jack Kirby. The cover of this comic was very much liked. Many things are happening on the cover like sinister warlords, weird blueprints, and dreaded fear machine. If you want to read a classic comic, the Omac by Kirby is the best. It covers shows the manhawk with a flying chair fighting alone with thousands of foes. 

If you love to read about the demons, the Kirby’s “The demon” comic is best. Its cover shows the demon threatening the guy whose name is Baron Von Evilstein. It will tell you about the challenge that this guy faced during a battle with the demon. 


Though people now prefer reading online comic books have their charm and will never be replaced. You can try some of the best and enjoy reading them

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