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5 Best Superhero Comic Books

best superhero comic books

While there’s plenty of fantastic comics we would suggest, we felt to introduce some of the best ones with the most beloved and iconic superheroes with a sensational plot of comics. So, without any delay, let’s start with our top-rated superhero comic books.

The Killing Joke- DC or Batman: The Killing Joke

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The readers who like to dive into the ocean of graphic novel-type superhero comic books, this one will give them heavenly pleasure. This Alan Moore comic book is based on your beloved Batman and a new but tragic character- Joker. In the beginning, its story seems to be a bit complicated but as soon as you come to the Joker’s origin (the flashback scene), this comic becomes more delightful and entertaining. 

In this flashback scene, it reveals that the joker is a chemical engineer who leaves his job for being a comedian but in vain, unfortunately. The author has shown the similarities between these two and this is the beauty of this comic book.

Superior Spiderman

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No other comic can match the craze of this comic book among spiderman fans. Written by Dan Slott, this comic series revolves around how Otto Octavious swaps his body with that of the original spiderman- Peter Parker. It’s all about the story from Otto’s death, his redeeming of life to becoming a superhero, and getting the title of “Superior Spiderman”. 

Infinity War Marvel

This comic is the first choice of the Marvel comics lovers and fans of Thor, Dr. Strange, Black Widow, and other Marvel titles. Written by Jim Starlin, this comic is different from the Infinity War movie. In the movie, one or two scenes are exactly from Infinity Gauntlet. Those who’ve already watched this movie will like Infinity War Marvel and a mixed feeling of suspense and pre-knowledge of the plot gives you a unique experience.

Stan Lee’s Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is not a comic book but a very large comic book series in itself. Since 1961, this superhero comic book is evergreen among the readers. Every edition of this Marvel titles-based series will make you a fan of Fantastic Four. Fantastic Form gets its origin during an interspace fight and four astronauts get exposed to hazardous cosmic rays in that war. 


Wildcats comic book is slightly different from other superhero comics. Killing the villains is not sufficient to free the world from evil. You won’t get an idea when this comic takes an interesting twist. Sean Phillips and Dustin Nguyen have poured their whole imagination into this comic series.


One thing which is common about all these comic books, you have to put all your presence of mind while reading these superhero comics. Which one you wish to pick among these five, you will surely love that. The Killing Joke and Fantastic Four are the best recommendations from our side.

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