25 best comic books

Best Comic Books

This is a question that’s been asked one million times, but nobody has the answer. Why? Because everybody wants something different. Some people want more recent stories while some are looking for classic tales from decades ago. Then there are those who are loyal fans of certain characters or creators while others want originality or something obscure. Every reader is different.

There can be a dramatic divide between what critics and fans find to be the best of the best. Comic book reviews are as subjective as anything else on the internet. Fortunately, this site is built with every type of comic fan in mind.

This list is based on my own personal preferences of which comics deserve to be read, re-read, and treasured for eternity. I’m ranking them in the order I prefer them from worst to best, so if you feel something essential or favorite has been missed it’s probably not even in my top one thousand! This is just one man’s take on the best comics ever printed. Hopefully, it will inspire you to pick up a book or two and see what you might have been missing out on over the years.

What are the qualities of a best comic book?

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1- Effectiveness of storytelling.

2-Originality of concept or execution (is it unique?).

3-Quality & Frequency of art.

4-How much re-read value does the book have?

5-Does the series hold up to scrutiny upon multiple readings?

6-Does this book have a lasting/enduring quality?

7-How well does this book represent its genre or the art form as a whole?

8-If you had to choose one comic to give a non-comic reader, which would it be and why?

9-Does the series have an overall sense of cohesion from volume to volume?

10-How does this book hold up under intense scrutiny and repeated readings?

11-Does this book successfully break new ground, or is it riding on the coattails of others?.

12-Do the characters within the series grow and change over time, and does it matter if they do not?

13-Is it a self-contained story with a beginning, middle, and end?

14-Does the series have staying power?

15-Is this book timeless or of its time.

Best comic books are :

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1- Hellboy:

2-Sin City



5-The Boys


7-Conan The Barbarian (1970’s Marvel)

8-Batman: Year One & Dark Knight Returns (Tie)

9. 100 Bullets

10 . Swamp Thing

11. Saga


13. Transistor

14. Scalped

15. Planetary

16. Sandman

17. Y The Last Man

18 The Invisibles

19 . East Of West

20 . DMZ

21 . The Ultimates

22 . American Splendor

23 . Swamp Thing (Moore’s run)

24 . Wonder Woman

25- Animal Man

In Conclusion:

Comic books are a unique combination of words and pictures that can’t be found anywhere else. As such, comic fans who want to read the best comic books have certain expectations for what is considered quality in the medium. Quality isn’t just about being an entertaining story it’s also about providing something new or innovative that hasn’t been done before. Comics are the only medium in which you can read about things like zombies, talking gorillas, and alien invasions, so it’s important that when reading comic books they make the best use of this unique art form.

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