Top 5 Of The Greatest Villains From Marvel Comics -

Top 5 Of The Greatest Villains From Marvel Comics

Well, to get ranked as the best villains in the Marvel comics, the villains have to be quite cool, smart and can be usual evil. However, the MCU is filled with a lot of supervillains who have all the required characteristics. But there are only a few who are the best in spreading evil and creating trouble for superheroes. So, let’s have a look into those super villains.

List Of Top Five Marvel Comics Supervillains

Green Goblin

Top Five Of The Greatest Villains From Marvel Comics
Top Five Of The Greatest Villains From Marvel Comics

The first super-villain can be Norman Osborn, or you can say Green Goblin.However, he may not be powerful from among all the villains in Marvel comics, but he is the vilest. Furthermore, terrorizing Spider-Man until his death, and then terrorizing again when he returned, Green Goblin is quite vicious and also unpredictable. Besides, his ability, psychopathic tendency, and unpredictability just took him to the top of the list.


The next super villain can be Wilson Fisk, popularly known as Kingpin. He has excellent strength, money, and girth. After all, he was an enormous headache for Daredevil and Spiderman. Some treated him as the rudest and ruthless villains. He had no regard for life and didn’t care. He stayed on the top of the world by keeping the world fooled. In fact, he is the head of underworld. However, later, Daredevil took the villain down.

Ultron – Supervillain From Marvel Comics

The greatest super villain of all time, Ultron was created by Henry Pym. However, he created it for a good purpose, but later, it went on to terrorise the universe. Besides, he nearly destroyed the Avengers. He is not human and a super-intelligent sentient robot. In fact, he has no mind or heart. The thing that he does despicable and cold. He has one goal in his life, i.e., to completely destroy the Avenger and rule the entire world. He is also ready to destroy anyone who comes against him in his way to rule the world.


Top Five Of The Greatest Villains From Marvel Comics
Top Five Of The Greatest Villains From Marvel Comics

From all the villains from comics of marvel, Apocalypse is potentially the most significant threat. In fact, he is a powerful immortal mutant. To know its unlimited superpower, you can go through the Age of Apocalypse. However, he is a bad guy; in fact, a super bad guy.  


The last but not least there is the Master of Magnetism, the Magento. In fact, the list to marvel supervillain for Marvel comics will not get complete without Magneto. He can control any kind of metal. Besides, he can control iron present in the human’s blood. He believes that he is doing the right thing and save people from bad guys. However, sometimes he turns bad, and there is no such limit to the lengths of destruction he can do.

However, there are more such villains in the Marvel comics. These are only a few of them. Each of the super villains has done much to put their place in the list of best villains. If you want to know more about them, then go online and check out about their unique power.

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